Holy Father

Dear Holy Father, 1)  I  saw   you  seated  along  with  the  other  church leaders–Orthodox–  in many  functions  last  week in  Germany. Good to see   you all as one […]

Happy birthday…

3rd Oct is my birth day Seven decades ago it was a post- monsoon evening that saw my emergence on mother earth!! It was a great journey so far. I […]


Letter to Patriarch of Syrian Orthodox Church

Holy Father,  (Patriarch of Syrian Orthodox Church) Greetings and prayers. It seems that I may sound more of a nuisance with regard to the Malankara Church peace Mission! Kindly bail me  out  holy father as  my  zeal  for  my  Church is consuming me. Let me state again one cardinal thing that together we form the garden. Let us strive to run the […]

Policy Conclave

There is   great news. The  mini conclave  of the  Orthodox  bishops  of  India held  at  Koratty near  Alwaye gave  a  clarion call    for unity  closely on the heels of the  supreme court  verdict of  3rd  July. It went on record  that all are  encouraged  to  come under  the  common plat forum of  the  Indian […]