Resume of Dr KM George: Former – UN Advisor

Current Title :  President  and CEO  of SDF –Sustainable Development Forum.

It  is  a  policy body  of development  thinkers and policy makers  advising  institutions and  governments. The aim is  to  know and proclaim, not to  argue and win. SDF  advocates social development  issues including life style issues  faced   by  the  youth and the  and senior  citizens  with  corrective  solutions.

Education: PhD in Economics.

Work Experience: 45 years in India and abroad.

Languages Known: Malayalam, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Gujarati, Pidgin, and English.
Areas of Specialisation: Monitoring & Evaluation; Socio –Economic Surveys; Micro Finance; Poverty Reduction Studies; Studies on the impact of Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.
Rural Interaction: Visited 6500 villages & settlements (Interacted with 450,000 people in Afghanistan, India, Papua New Guinea & North Korea)
Publications:   94 Papers, two books & 55 Monitoring & Evaluation reports
Membership in
Professional Bodies : Indian Society of Agricultural Economics.

Listed in Marquis (USA) “Who’s Who in the World” as one of the highest achievers.

Participated in a high power Training programme on “Preparing for the Rehabilitation Effort in Afghanistan” in Italy, jointly organized by UNOPS, ILO, and University of York & Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 25th Feb to 9th March, 2002.
Countries Visited:   54 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America & Pacific.
Organisations worked with: Bombay University, Sardar Patel University, National Dairy Dev Board, Bank of Baroda, Punjab National Bank; Asian Development Bank,  Govt of  Rwanda, Govt of Papua New Guinea as advisor; UNDP, UNOPS, FAO, World Bank.
Currently working as:   President  and CEO of  Sustainable Development  Forum..India

Plus as UN Consultant on call.


Dr  George  KM