Sustainable Development Forum

We the Sustainable Development Forum (SDF) a secular forum and informal NGO meeting regularly at Mel Mana Gardens in Rural Ooramana. Overlooking the running river waters of Muvattupuzha River near Cochin International Airport in Kerala, India. Mel Mana  Gardens is  located in  the picturesque lap of  nature  surrounded by  ever  green  vegetation land of  Dr.  Isabella George  and Dr. KM George a former  UN Advisor, where  the  erstwhile  famous  Kadamatttathu Kathanar ( Priest) was living  with his  mother.Since 1998 activists, policy makers and policy takers, decision thinkers, senior citizens and ordinary farmers meet regularly on a monthly basis. In fact movers and shakers destiny meet on proactive themes here under the banner of  SDF. Till May  2017, we have had some  104  seminars on many topics like agriculture,  rural health, ICT, legal  activism, soft  skills, nature  life, yoga,  women  empowerment, micro  finance,  sustainable  development  goals  of the  UN,NGOs  as  rural growth  promoters, Vaastu  Vidya, memorial  orations of  great  departed  souls like  Dr  Paulose Gregorios—a world  citizen and  one time president to the  WCC, etc.

Our motto is, not to argue and win…but to inform and proclaim, in simple words, horizontal and vertical empowerment of the society.

Our  speakers among others  included, Hon Justice  Kurup, Mr  KK  -Director  of  Asian Development  Bank, Metropolitans  Osthathiousious, Thomas  Athanasius, Arch Bishop  Dr  Thomas  Koorilos,  Joseph  Gregorios, Air Marshall  Dr. Madusoodan,Rev Dr.  Mulamootil,  Dr.Viswambaran,  Swami  Yoganda,Prof. Dr  Abraham  Ittyachan, Prof Dr  Sahl, Dr  Philip Augustine, Dr  KC Chakaravarthy  –former  Dy  Governor  Reserve Bank of India, and  Prof  Dr  Prem Nair of  Amrita  Medical College , Kochi to mention  a few. Our participants come from far and near places. Normally we get some 100 people to attend various sessions depending on the theme and its relevance. At times we had as many as 300 participants!

Information dissemination has been our  core objective and as such so far  we  have had cumulatively some  ten thousand participants in  our River View  Discussion Forum—( Currently  Sustainable Development Forum) since  1998.
Let us remember the serenity prayer.”God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can-and wisdom to know the difference”. Let’s make the challenges our opportunities.”


Dr KM George, President, Think Tank of SDF Melmana Gardens, Ooramana, Muvattupuzha, Pin 68 66 63 Phone 99 47 67 08 87; email;E-mail;

Members of SDF are:

Justice  DR  K  N  Kurup-Patron: Email;   +91  944 7091131

Dr KM George; Former UN Adviser;; +91 9947670887

Rev Dr Abraham  Mulamootil, Policy Advisor,; +91  70126 62590

Mr K Kannan, Former Director of ADB;

Dr. Rashmi Chandran ; International Activist;

Dr MC George, Former PSC Member; Farmer Representative;; + 91 9447151672

HG Joseph Gregorois, Metropolitan;; + 91 984600 4461

Dr CV Achuthan; 085 47 55 60 02; Formerly with Bombay University Dept of Economics;; Trichur

Mr K Peter, Adviser to Hon Minister in Rwanda;

Dr MA Ittyachan; Former Professor& Acting VC of MG University;; + 98 46 17 73 66(

Dr Thomas Athanasius, Metropolitan;; +91 9400713401

Mr Babu Abraham ; Chartered Accounts Association President; +91 9846035333;

Er Anil Kumar;; +91 944 61 22814

Mr Sabu George; Farmer;; +91 94472 00297

Rev Prof Mathew Thomas; (USA)

Justice K N Kurup;; +91 94470 91131

HG Dr.Theophilose Kuriakose; Metropolitan; +91 94474 75105;

Mr Thomas Mathew;;

Dr PO Abraham; YMCA;;

Mr Reji Mon;; +91 94468 23656

Dr TA Varkey;; + 91 94470 31471

HG Nicholovos Zachariah, Metropolitan; of WCC Central Committee Member, USA;

Mr John Pottas; Award winning Farmer;;; +91 94477 22109

Ms Gicy Johnson; Teacher;; Coimbatore; +919677889246

Dr Sunny Pariyaram, NGO Expert; GPO 1208,Fort Bombay;; +91 098200 031244

Dr Ms Isabella George, ; International Scientist;; + 91 96054 39870

Mr Johnson Mammalassery, Journalist, Australia; j

Mr. George Kallivayalil; Journalist; 09711144367;

Rev Joseph Kalappuraiyil, USA; # 904 405 4116 Email:

Er KPR Nair; Former KSEB and Progressive Farmer; + 91 9446834643

Er Varghese; Former Engineer of KSEB+ 91 944 79 16 174

Mr  Babu George,  Technocrat,  Ex Indian  Navy,Cochin

Mr  EC  Paulose, Edamalyil, E mail

Mr  Arun  Mathew,  Web  plus video  support,  Email; +91  9496 22 868

Ms  Usha  Kunnath;+ 91  9544129268

Mr Thomas  Kunnath,  Kolenchery, Organic  Farmers,+91 9544129268


Speakers at Mel Mana Gardens


1)  Dr Prem Nair of Amrita Medical College

2)  Prof Dr Jaykuamr of Kottayam Medical College

3) Prof Dr Mathew Parakkan of Kottayam Medical College

4) Prof James from Pala St Thomas College

5) Mr George Paul of Synthite

6) Mr Jacob Vadakkanchery (4 seminars on Nature Life)

7) Late Metropolitian Geevarghese Osthathius

8) Prof MI John

9)  Prof Ouseph  HOD  of Vaastu Vidya  from   Sri Sankara  University

10)  Dr  Chandy  Paul

11)  DR Christy  Fernandez  IAS

12)Dr  Sunny Pariyaram of Bombay

13)  Mr  K  Kannan ,Director  of ADB,Manilla.14

14)Dr  Philip Augustine

15)Dr  KC Chakaravarthy, Dy Governor, Reserve Bank of India

16) Dr  PPN Nambuthriry

17) Mr AT Pathrose  Ex  MLA

18)  Mr  Eldo Abraham  MLA

19) Mr PJ Joseph former Minister

20) DR MP Mathai

21) Mr MP Krishnan Nair

22) DR AV Isaac Ex-MLA

23) DR Sunny Pariyaram

24) Rev Dr Johns Abraham Konattu

24) Mr Francis George EX MP

25) Mr TK Ramakrishnan

26) Mr MN Sateesh

27) DR PPN Namboothiri

28) Dr R Raghavan

29) DR TK Rajagopalan,

30) Mr Satcha Stone of  Humanitad

31)Prof  VJ Philip of  Calicut  Unveristy

32)Metropolitian  Abraham  Saverious

33) Arch Bishop Koorilos

34) Rev Dr  Abraham Mulamootil

35)  Dr Viswambaran

36)  Swami Yoganda

37) Rev Prof Mathew Thomas

38) Mr Thomas Mathew

39) Rev Prof George Thananthuparambil

40) Rev Dr Vincent Nedumgadu

41) Mr CV Jacob

42)  Mr Joy P Jacob

43)  DR Sojan Iype

44)  Dr Shal Kakkatil

45) Prof Dr Abraham Ittyachan

46)  Prof Dr Ittyachan

47) Justice K Narayana Kurup

48) Air Marshal Dr Madusoodanan

49) Mr Unnikrishannan Sankaran  

50) Mr PC Joseph EX MLA

51)  Metropolitan Joseph Gregarious

52) Metropolitan Dr Thomas Athanasius

53) Prof DR PV Ouseph

54) Prof Radha Krishannan Dean MOSC Medical College

55) Rev MV Abraham, Vice President of MOSC Medical College

56) Prof Kolman from Israel

57)  Dr KM George

58) DR Isabella George

59) Ms.   Hanna SaraMakerel, Germany,

60) Dr.Joseph John from Germany

61) Vanilla Growers Seminars three in number

62)  Tissue culture of banana seminars

63)  Mr AK Dayanad on Coir Pith

64) Dr Ram Narayanan

65)  Dr Haridas

66) Metropolitan Kuriakose Theopheliose

67)  Rev Dr MP George–Musical healing expert

68) Mr MR Das, AGM State Bank of India

69)Dr Ms Rashmi from Coimbatore

70)Mr MS Aftab from Calcutta

71) Dr NP Kurup from New Delhi

72)Prof Dr AK Jain from New Delhi

73) Dr TA Varkey

74) Dr CT Chacko

75) Mr VP Chacko

76) Rev Prof Gheevarghese




We did   also organise as many as 25 special seminars on Agriculture, Vaastu Vidya, Memorial oration ,time and again.