Rapporteurs Report of the keynote address by DR.T A VARKEY on the role of lab tests in disease diagnosis , treatment and monitoring at the 164th seminar of GMF and SDF held at Mel Mana Gardens—Ooramana –Kerala India on 28th April 2024 Prepared by Dr. PO Abraham—Executive Secretary of GMF

In the olden days doctors used to diagnose the diseases by physical examination like palpation,examination of conjunctival mucous membrane ,pulse etc. But there occured a rapid advancement in the health […]


DR KPP Nambiar

Watching Dr K M George, our wonderful Secretary General performing again, at yet another Seminar last evening, I can’t but express my sincere appreciation and admiration for his inimitable organising […]

Millets Sowing is done

Millets     Sowing     is done at Kookan and Padikka kanadam  Paddy Fields  in  Ooramana  village in  Ramamangalam Panchayat  –Ernakulam  District As  suggested  by  the  government of India  ,  United Nation’s  FAO—Food […]