105th Seminar at Mel Mana Gardens on 3rd Oct Tuesday from 4 PM

Under  the  joint  auspices   of  Sustainable  Development   Forum and  Senior Citizens Forum  our  105th seminar is  being  scheduled to be held on   3rd  Oct 2017.

As   you are aware we had very many eminent professionals like Air Marshal Dr.  Madhusoodanan,  Dr  Prem Nair  of  Amrita Medical College,  Mr  KK  the  former  ADB  Director,   Hon Justice Dr  K Narayana  Kurup; Arch Bishop Dr Thomas  Koorilos, Dr Philip Augustine,  Prof  Dr  Abraham Ittyachan,  Prof  Dr Shal  Kakkattil and  the  like addressing us on  a  wide  variety  of topics in  the  recent  past.

We are here to know and   proclaim, not to argue and win!!

As  discussed,  above, we  are  to meet in a  special seminar  on 3rd  Oct from 4  PM  at Mel Mana  Gardens to  give  away an award  of  excellence  to  a self made entrepreneur namely  Mr  Jebi  K John.

He did come up in life in a hard way from zero to a business hero   by commitment, determination and divine intervention.

Mr  Jeby  has  helped  as many as  300  poor  people  with jobs in  the  Gulf Region  and in his own  company  without  charging  any  facilitation  fees and  is  a champion  of  CSR in his  own way.


As it is  estimated, that he has  helped    so far  very many  people including  Indians and even  people from other  countries to the tune  of USD  three  lakhs (  $300,000).


Yet he believes in a special personal philosophy that the more   you give away, God gives back in abundance.


For him, winner you think, winner God makes   you manifold. He is ever willing to walk the extra mile for   excellence   propelled by empathy.


 Kindly keep this day free for   us to honour this   wonderful   young professional.

A line in reply is appreciated to confirm   your participation as attendance is by invitation.

Reception Committee:

Dr  MC George;   Mr  PG Vasudevan; Mr VP George; Mr  Shaji Yohannan; Mr  Sabu  George; Mr  TP Kuriakose& Dr  KM George—99  47 67 08 87;email- melmana@gmail.com

(We invite you all to a simple dinner too.)

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