119th Seminar at Mel Mana

119th  Seminar of  SDF—Sustainable Development  Forum—-Melmana  Gardens  Ooramana held on 5tth Jan 2020.
Seen  seated  are  HG  Athanasius  chairman  of  the  meeting,  Prof  DR  PS  John–Chief  Guest,,   Adv  Mrs. Minikumari, Dr. KM George; Rev  DR  Mulamootil

119th  Seminar  of  SDF  at  Mel Mana  Gardens  on  5th  Jan  2020
Programme Sheet
1)    Prayer–  Silent
2)   Self introduction         – 10 minutes
3)   Welcome Address  -Dr  KM George  –5 minutes
4)   Presidential  Address  HG  Dr Thomas Athanasious-10  minutes
5)   Inaugural Address—Adv  Mrs  Minikumari, RMM,  Grama  Panchayath  President- 5 minutes
6)   Opening Remarks  Hon Dr Justice  KN Kurup—10 minutes
7)   Keynote Address  –Prof Dr  PS John—HOD  ,Pushpagiri  Medical College, Kerala—45  minutes
8)   Moderated  Session—question-Answer—Rev  Dr  Abraham Mulamootil   30  minutes
9)   Vote of Thanks—Er  Reji Jacob—5  minutes

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