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Keynote  Speakers  feedback  on SDF  seminar  held on  2nd  Oct  2022—150th  Seminar—Urology  theme

A summary note of  the  150th  seminar  of  SDF held on 2nd  Oct  2022 at Mel Mana  Gardens—Ooramana—Kerala-India.

As usual  the  seminar  started  at  4  PM  and after  the  initial proceedings  like  prayer, self-introduction  of  participants , welcome  address and   the presidential  address by  our  patron Hon Justice  Dr.  K Narayana Kurup,  the  keynote  speaker  Dr. George  P Abraham addressed  the  audience  for  45  minutes. It was  followed  by a supportive  keynote address  by  Hon Air  Marshal  Dr.  P  Madhusoodanan and  the  interface  with the  audience  was  moderated by Rev Dr.  Abraham Mulamoottil lasting for  nearly one hour. The  take home points   were  shared by Dr. Mathew Abraham. Dr. PO Abraham  proposed  the  vote of thanks. As luck  would have  it , this  time  SDF had  the rare privilege  to  celebrate  the  birthday of six of its  patrons including Dr.  KM George,  Dr. George  P Abraham, Dr. TA Varkey, Er PJ Varghese, Mr  Pulikkal Thomas and    MM George sir by  cutting   cakes. The  meeting ended  with a  dinner hosted in the honour of  the participants   as   we were  meeting  for the  first  time  after the  covid-19 pandemic.

Gist of  the  deliberations:

1)                  Every   male  after  the age  of  50 years may  encounter  some  prostate enlargement  problems. At  times  people may  experience  total  block in urination, acute retention  and chronic  retention of  urine. Here it  needs  medical attention. It may be  mostly benign  and  at times malignant. If  treated well  at  the early  stages medicines  can  help , failing which  surgical intervention is  the  way out.  Surgery  can be  either  conventional  invasive or minimal invasive. However, robotic assisted   surgery  is  also  forthcoming  for those  who can  afford in India. Resume  therapy is forthcoming known as  Boston Scientific,  though  very expensive as  explained  by the keynote  speaker.

2)                  PSA—Prostate  Specific  Antigen test  to begin  with  is critically  important  to address  this  malady.

3)                  Prostate  ailments  if not  treated  may  lead  to kidney  related  issues  like  stones  and  kidney  transplantations.  Nonetheless, post -void  residue would  determine  the  next  course of  action.

4)                  Water intake is very crucial  to  flush out the  toxins  form  the  body and  the up keep of  the kidneys intact and healthy. One glass of  water  every  hour  after  wakeup to    sleep  if  practiced may  save  precious lives.

5)                  Drinking  water  varies  from  person to person and  season to season. Those who  are  suffering from  diabetes, liver and cardiac   problems  must consult    the  doctors   about the diet  and  water intake  and  exercise.

6)                  When blood is  noticed in urine,  one must  consult the  doctor  for  asserting the  cause instead of ignoring it. One  may be  asked  to undergo  CT  scan MRI  scan or even bladder  cystography  as judged by  the  doctor.

7)                    It is  worthwhile  to  get    to know  the various  jargons used  in the  common  parlors by  medical    staff  like cystoscopy, biopsy, urea  creatine, etc.

8)                  Prostate cancer  can  be addressed  by hormone treatment along  with other  medicines. It is  said  that laser treatments  are very  much  useful  for  stones . Again, radical radiation is said   to be  very  good  as well.

9)                  Care  must be  taken  to  address   the comorbid conditions of  the patient  while  deciding  the treatment  regime.

10)           The bladder neck  may  at times  create problems  even in the case of post -operative  conditions  in  the  urine  smooth flow.

11)           All must imbibe a certain  degree  of  scientific  temper in   our  medical  approach so that  evidence-based medicines are  to be used instead of running  after hear says  healing systems.  However,  yoga  like  relaxation and meditations may be  encouraged  for  self  and  families.

Responses  form  the  Doctors and  Participants:

Dr.  George  P Abraham,

Thank you very much for giving an opportunity to be with you in  SDF . You are a wonderful organizer , a well matured organizer  in the conduct of  the  meeting—it is   well appreciated. Happy to hear that it was an enjoyable speech. We will keep in touch with. Once again thank you very much.

Air Marshal Dr.  P Madhusoodanan

We are back in Trivandrum .

Myself and my wife would like to thank you and your team  profusely for a wonderful evening with active participants , conducted extremely professionally . We thoroughly enjoyed it and would like to express our gratitude once again.  🙏

Dr.  KPP Nambiar ( Former  UN  FAO  Expert)

Awesome appreciation for an amazing organizer!💐👍🙏😄

Mr. Daniel

GREATER PIRAVOM🇮🇳  SDF, lecture by Dr. George P. Abraham yesterday was very informative.

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