Advisory Panel: Supreme Court Verdict and Response of Orthodox Church

I  am  taken  aback  to  see  the  lukewarm response  coming from the Orthodox Church so far related  to the  above  land mark  verdict. It must have been an opportunity to tell the world that we are the body of Christ and we  are  Christians  too!

Let me  give  my  balanced  evaluation  of the  Orthodox   faction so far  for   effecting course corrections if  they are  serious and genuine.


H H Catholicose was very spiritually guided so far in his utterances in welcoming all to the Malankara Church.

The  news media message coming from  some  senior  bishops  like  Mathews Saverious  asking  all  to return to  Mother Church is notoriously malicious. His  American  media utterances  and the  Kolenchery  speech  were  all in poor  taste  to promote  unity.

The Advisory  panel  set  up  is  full of  either  unsuitable  or  initiated people to the context and   concept  of  conflict  resolutions.

Its members may be eminent ones in their own right. But its  chairman  is said  to  be known for his belligerent  attitude  towards  the  erstwhile  patriarch  faction and  even  has been a crusader of orthodoxy in everything. He is unacceptable to many even among the proactive Orthodox Church believers. All its members could have stayed in the background to deliberate the pros and cons of the course of events. Out  of this list  surely,   elected  officials  of the  Church  like Synod  Secretary,  Priest Trustee and  Lay Trustee and Association Secretary must have  formed  a core  group chaired  by  HG Dr Thomas Athanasius and professionals  who are  known for  conflict  resolution  work in many  areas like  Prof   Dr  MP Mathai, Fr Dr KM George, Fr Dr  Johns Konat  and  any  other  internationally  known experts must have been in this  advisory   panel  if the purpose  is to deliver  the  goods. Better  make  Prof  Mathai as its  member  secretary.

Here it  appears that  the  very  team headed by  bishop Saverious may preside over the still birth of  any such unity in the  wake of the  apex  court verdict  and   the resultant  process of  reconciliation.

If we are serious let us reconstitute the advisory panel ASAP.

Even the  opinion  as  appeared in the  Manorama  News  paper  of 15th July  reportedly  attributed  to the  Synod  Secretary Dr Yuhannoon Diascores that  issues  of  faith and order may be  taken up in the  forum of  Oriental Orthodox Churches gives  an impression that  there is  considerable differences  between the  Jacobite  and Orthodox   factions! Do we have any such differences honourable bishop?

Please do make responsible statements to the media or the faithful believers so that your credibility is not eroded.


Dr KM George

President and CEO

Sustainable Development Forum


15th July, 2017.

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