Benefits Global Millets Foundation

Five must be consumed
Millets—Owing to Extra Health –
Wellness Reasons & Compulsions

1) Foxtail millet is the most
balanced grain of all th positive
millets. It cleanses the nervous
system and respiratory system.
2) Little millet has the unique
ability to cleanse reproductive
3) Kodo millet—cleanse the bone
marrow and beefs up th e blood
production system. It can address
blood cancer, low platelet count
and anemia.

4) Barnyard millet cleanses kidney,
urinary bladder, gal bladder; cures
jaundices; hepatitis A,B; Liver
Cirrhosis. It beefs up liver function.
5) Brown top millet. It detoxifies
each and every organ of the body,
cures and heals alimentary canal
like constipation, gastric ulcers,
piles, etc. It gives relief from all
kinds of cancers at the initial
Dr. KM George
Secretary General of GMF

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