Challenges to the Indian PM


Challenges Before the Indian PM-Hon Narendra Modi
Shri Narendra Bhai Modi,
Hon Prime Minister of India,
New Delhi 110 001
Dear Shri Narendra Bhai,
( Copy to Hon FM Shri Arun Jaitley)
1) This is my fifth letter to you ever since you became the PM of India. Admittedly all were unsolicited letters containing my suggestions pertaining to good governance. Blissfully none of the letter was arranged to be acknowledged. Nonetheless, being a concerned citizen, I do keep on sending my suggestions whether you like it or not. Now let me draw your kind attention to some critical areas of concern.
2) India’s Doing Business rank as you know is 142 among 189 countries. Last year it was 140.It is abysmally low by any reckoning. World Bank President Mr Kim in response to Prime Minister Modi’s invitation has sent a team to New Delhi to suggest key reforms to improve our business environment.
3) Out of nine parameters like starting business (158),enforcing contracts ( 186), construction permits
(184), paying taxes (156), getting electricity (137), hardly one worth mentioning is namely getting credit at 36. The situation is alarming!!
4) There are critics who say, we need to focus both on PDS and Senex alike with a view to achieving growth with social justice. While generating growth is critical to overcoming many challenges, that growth must include all segments of society.
5) The DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) system must be made people friendly-user friendly- both through the banks and post offices.
6) It is a welcome initiative if the Government of India completes prosecution of black money holders both within and without under IT Act by March 31st 2015.
7) Subsidies are to be rationalised to augment economic reforms. Thus a fillip to be given to Make in India agenda by resorting to policies and programmes.
8) Like your much acclaimed initiative to clean India encourage and challenge schools and offices across the country to take pledge against corruption.
9) We are only the third economic power next to China and America during 2014. Let us strive to become number one by 2025.
10) Political sagacity and maturity hard lessons must be imparted to ministers and members of Parliament. The recent utterances Sadhvi Jyoti is a classic case in sight Hon PM. She must have been summarily dismissed the same hour to enhance your personal image and that of your government too conveying an unequivocal message you are pursuing a zero tolerance in governance. Please know that you are PM of India not of any faction or party Narendra Bhai- a world leader and statesman please.
11) Planning Commission and its new avatar I am sure you have read my detailed letter some two months back. As such I am not repeating the same here.
12) Inclusiveness as done in the case of the PMDJY will require changes in mind sets, policy responses, and institutions over and over in India.
A line in reply is appreciated,

With Greetings and best regards,

Dr KM George,
Mel Mana,
PO Ooramana,
Kerala, Pin 686663