Chronic Kidney Disease..CKD

120 th SDF Seminar—16 h Feb 2020
MelMana Gardens, Ooramana,
Kolenchery, Kerala, India: 99 47 67 08 87
Dear Friends of Sustainable Development Forum –SDF,
As you are well aware our SDF is sphere heading awareness creation programmes for the last 21 years and had so far 119 seminars addressed by very eminent professionals pertaining to a variety of themes and attended by on an average 50 participants per seminar.
Our motto is to “know and proclaim, not to argue and win”. We are fully secular and as such non religious and non political. 120 th Seminar is being addressed by another eminent medical scientist and innovator of Nephrology, who is known for prudence and sagacity the world over. He is Sunil George of Baby Memorial Hospital, Kozhikode . Dr Sunil extensively travelled and widely read professional . He is another name for kindness and humility. He is a rare professional of balanced qualities of head and heart alike aligned with profound humanism.

Theme: “‘Chronic Kidney Disease..CKD”

Time: The keynote address is for 45 minutes followed by 30 minutes question-answer session
Date : 16th th Feb, 2020 Sunday from 4 to 6 pm at Mel Mana Gardens- our usual venue.

Programme Sheet: Time 4 to 6 PM
1) Prayer
2) Self Introduction—Participants 10 minutes
3) Welcome Address –Dr KM George 05 minutes
4) Presidential Address—His Grace Dr Thomas
Athanasius Metropolitan-10 minutes
5) Introductory Remarks – Hon Dr Justice K
Narayana Kurup—10 minutes
6) Inaugural Address– Mr Joseph Vazhakkan Ex
MLA 10 minutes
7) Lightening the lamp (HG Metropolitan; Justice
Kurup, Rev Mulamootil; Mr Vazhakkan;Dr Sunil
George; Dr PO Abraham along with Mr MM
George & Jebi K John)
8) Keynote Address — Dr Sunil George 40 minutes
9) Moderator’s Address to facilitate the interactions
form the floor —Rev Dr Abraham Mulamootil-
30 minutes
10) Vote of Thanks Dr. PO Abraham—5 minutes

As Dr Sunil is a very busy professional, please do make sure to make the very best of the opportunity. All are requested to be on their seats by 3.45 pm. There are no consultations, please as time is a major constraint. Please do keep the questions brief and to the point only pertaining to the theme of the talk.
Happy New Year and Seasons Greetings
Hope to see you all. Kindly confirm your attendance at 99 47 67 08 87 ASAP as we expect only 50 participants. Participation is against invitation only.

Hon Dr Justice K Narayana Kurup—Patron
Rev Dr Abraham Mulamootil—Policy Advisor,
Dr PO Abraham-Secretary
Mr Jeby K John—International Prog Advisor
Mr Anil Kuriakose—Executive Prog Director
Dr KM George– President

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