Curriculam Vitae

Personal information           

  • First name / Surname: George Melmana
  • Address: Melmana Gardens, Ooramana P O, Kerala, India PIN 686663
  • Mobile: +914852870371, +919947670887
  • E-mail: : skype:drkmgeorge
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Date of birth: 3 October, 1943
  • Gender: Male
  • Name in Passport: Karavattamangalam Mathai  George
  • Passport Number: L9036429
  • Date of Issue: 25/04/ 2014
  • Date of Expiry: 24/04/  2024
  • Issued at: Kerala, India

Personal Objectives:

To be in a challenging position within an environment where my experience and education as well as skills can be utilized for job enrichment and job enlargement with a view to improving the socio-economic milieu towards sustainable development, particularly in developing economies through MDGs of the United Nations (UN) ;To lead any organization on strategic growth path with spread effects. In other words, to be the most admired professional in Monitoring & Evaluation; Micro Finance using innovative approaches to cater to the requirements of Governments and UN agencies as well as International NGOs.


Desired employment/ Occupational Expertise:


Nearly 45 years worked as Monitoring & Evaluation as  well as  Micro Finance

Expert with two major Development Banks in India; ADB in PNG: FAO Team Leader in Afghanistan and Mission Member in DPR Korea.


Areas of Specialization and Work experience:

Monitoring, Evaluation, Socio-Economic Studies & Surveys, Benchmark Surveys, Women Empowerment Studies, Micro Finance, Rapid Impact Evaluation, Poverty Reduction Studies & Surveys, Studies on the Impact of MDGs.  Completed during the last 45 years as many as 55 Mid- Term evaluations for banks and Governments as well as UN agencies in India and abroad.


Overview of Employment and History:

Since August 1970 – Nov 2014 with different national and international agencies, NGOs and national institutions in various development capacities.


Advisory / Director and Positions Held:

Most Recent:

Date: 1st May to  31 August, 2014

Occupation or position held: M & E Advisor. India

Name and address of Employer: Govt. Of Kerala / AGES

Achievements: Done for Government of Kerala through local NGOs, Interviewed  300 marginal  farmers spread over 30 villages to  elicit  information on farmer suicides; drafted the report  for presentation to policy makers in the  government of Kerala to  take  corrective  actions.  I have trained some 21 enumerators and 3 officers in survey techniques.


Date: 01 February 2011- 30 October 2014

Occupation or position held: Economist, India

Name and address of Employer: AGES

Achievements: Discussed with 500 opinion leaders, NGO Representatives and the stake holders about the need and importance of drafting a bill to contain corruption in civil society; Drafted the report for discussion with policy makers and at the grass root levels.


Dates: 01 November 2013 – 15 January 2014

Occupation or position held: M&E Advisor

Name and address of Employer: Various stakeholders’ entities-NGOs

Achievements: Developed questionnaires for primary data collection from 300 beneficiaries of a SHG intervention; trained some 12 investigators; supervised data collection; drafted the report and presented the draft in a seminar of some 50 policy makers of Govt and NGOs.


Dates: 15 September 2012- 15 October 2012

Occupation or position held: M&E Consultant

Name and address of Employer: Qatar Tech Group of SMEs, Doha, Qatar

Achievements: Assessed the targets & achievements. I have trained some 12 staff in monitoring techniques.


Dates: 30 June 2011 –  30 August  2011

Occupation or position held: M&E Advisor

Name and address of Employer: Senior Citizens Forum, India

Achievements: Developed three sets of questionnaires for interviewing the Beneficiaries of milch cattle funded by MNS Foundation; interviewed 300 beneficiaries and report was submitted to MNS Foundation on the impact of the intervention on incomes and standard of living.


Dates: 15 April 2011 – 20 May 2011

Occupation or position held: Micro Finance Advisor

Name and address of Employer: AGES, India

Achievements: Interviewed some 300 MF Beneficiaries & drafted the study Report & presented to a seminar of policy makers.


Dates: 05 January 2010 – 05 April  2010

Occupation or position held: Monitoring & Evaluation Advisor

Name and address of Employer: AGES- Agri, Gender & Environment Advisory Services, Kerala, India

Achievements: Interviewed 100 beneficiaries of a special poverty reduction programme to ascertain the project impact; analyzed the primary data and presented to a conference of policy makers.


Dates: 01 October 2009 – 27 November.2009

Occupation or position held: Vaasttu Correction Consultant

Name and address of Employer: Kerala, India

Achievements: Visited 30 human dwellings, taken measurements& corrected imbalances.


Dates: 15 June 2009 – 15 September 2009

Occupation or position held: Economist cum M&E Adviser

Name and address of Employer: AGES & Senior Citizens Forum, India

Achievements: Devised 12 sets of questionnaires to collect primary and secondary data from some 300 stakeholders who are engaged in direct marketing of argil produce, spread over five districts of Kerala and Karnataka & presented the findings in a seminar attended by 100 policy makers and project implementing officials.


Dates: 15 January 2009 – 30 May 2009

Occupation or position held: Consultant

Name and address of Employer: Agriculture, Gender & Environment Advisory Service, PO Ooramana, Kerala, India

Achievements: Devised sets of questionnaires on CSR and collected data from 100 respondents spread over 5 countries; processed the data and the same was presented in an International conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & its challenges in the 21st Century.


Dates: October 2008 – December 2008

Occupation or position held: International M&E Specialist

Name and address of Employer: IDA / Govt of Afghanistan (Ministry of Energy & Water), Afghanistan

Achievements: Strengthened the M&E system by capacity building; provided support to the M&E unit; Streamlined M&E communication system; established M&E database system & conducted seasonal studies, organized workshops on M&E; supervised M&E field work for data collection & photo impact analysis. Trained some 40 local staff in M&E field work techniques spread over three days.


Dates: 10 August 2008 – 30 September 2008

Occupation or position held: Micro Finance & Evaluation Advisor

Name and address of Employer: AGES, India

Achievements: Conducted a field work covering 48 villages and 1200 respondents to elicit information on various parameters of rural co-ops and to give it a new direction; presented its findings in an international conference held in Israel in June 2009.


Dates: 01 June 2008 – 05 August 2008

Occupation or position held: M&E Expert

Name and address of Employer: AGES, Kerala, India

Achievements: Conducted a field work covering some 200 small & marginal farmers and landless workers to prove empirically the phenomenon of exclusion or otherwise; drafted the study findings and presented it to an international conference, September 2008.


Dates: 01 April 2008 – 31 May 2008

Occupation or position held: Chief M&E Advisor

Name and address of Employer: CRATPAW (Centre for Research & Training in Poverty Alleviation & Women Welfare), India

Achievements: Conducted an empirical study on large scale farmer suicides in Kerala; Contacted 30 families spread all over the State of Kerala and collected data on the socio-economic causes of farmer suicides; Processed the data and presented the findings in a seminar attended by around 100 participants, organized by AGES at Ooramana, Kerala, India, 30 May 2008.


Dates: 15 February 2008  – 31 March 2008

Occupation or position held: M&E Advisor

Name and address of Employer: Ooramana Senior Citizens Forum (OSCF), Kerala, India

Achievements: Developed a study questionnaire to assess the impact of micro finance disbursed,

Covering 50 beneficiaries; holding discussions with stakeholders and opinion leaders; interviewed 50 borrowers to assess the project impact; presented the findings in a special

Seminar and submitted the final Report.


Dates: 01 May 2007 – 15 September 2007

Occupation or position held: M&E Advisor

Name and address of Employer: PDS (NGO)

Achievements: Trained the staff in M&E techniques; conducted an end of project-ex-post; evaluation of 100 project beneficiaries.


Dates: September 2006  –  October 2006

Occupation or position held: MF Advisor

Name and address of Employer: Shimla Horticultural Federation (SHF)

Achievements: Set up a Monitoring Unit under SHF to train the staff in M&E techniques; conducted a base line survey on the socio- economic conditions of 300 beneficiaries of SHF Micro-finance programme.


Dates: March 2006  – April 2006

Occupation or position held: M&E Consultant

Name and address of Employer: Sikkim Small Farmers Association, Sikkim, India

Achievements: Conducted an   impact evaluation of the Micro-finance lending; Trained some 20 local staff in M&E techniques; Conducted a seminar based on the study findings for finalizing the report.


Dates: April 2005  –  February 2006

Occupation or position held: Chief M&E Advisor

Name and address of Employer: MNS Foundation, Kerala, India

Achievements: Conducted a rapid Impact Evaluation of its MF lending; Conducted a seminar based on the study findings; Placed the final report for the course corrections.


Dates: January 2005  – February 2005

Occupation or position held: M&E Consultant

Name and address of Employer: Bihar Rural Lending Initiatives, Patna, India

Achievements: Conducted Primary survey of 200 beneficiaries of Micro-finance and assessed the impact of Micro-finance lending on the standard of living (income, employment & assets as well as repayment performance) of the beneficiaries.


Dates: August 2004 – October 2004

Occupation or position held: Micro Finance Consultant

Name and address of Employer: Gujarat Micro-finance Company

Achievements: Surveyed 300 beneficiaries & Opinion leaders of Micro-finance and put up final report for policy course corrections to the Board of Directors; presented the findings in a seminar

for discussions and to incorporate it in the final report.


Dates: 09- 25 August 2001

Occupation or position held: Mission Member to DPR Korea

Name and address of Employer: UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services), Malaysia

Achievements: Reviewed the progress vis-à-vis targets; identified constraints to ensure trouble shooting; assessed gender & environmental impact. Recommended MIS & log frame of the project; conducted a Rapid Impact Evaluation.


Dates: June 2001  – February 2002

Occupation or position held: Consultant (Poverty Reduction, Women Empowerment & Micro-finance

Name and address of Employer: UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Coir Board of India, M.G. Road, Kochi, Kerala, India, Pin 682 016

Achievements: Evolved an MIS system for Monitoring & Evaluation of the project; Reported periodically on allocation & utilization of funds by stakeholders; Conducted an evaluation on the impact of the project on poverty reduction, women empowerment & the provision of micro finance.


Dates: October 1994 on wards

Occupation or position held: Director

Name and address of Employer: AGES (Agriculture, Gender & Environment Advisory Services)

 Achievements: Over all achievement was to lead AGES on strategic growth path. Consultancy Services, Rapid Impact Assessment, Rapid Rural Assessment, Gender Studies, Monitoring & Evaluation, Micro-credit Studies & Eco-Tourism. Chaired 30 seminars on awareness presented 10 papers in popular seminars and managed 27 Events during the period from 1996 to 2001, as Director of AGES. Prepared a project proposal for funding from the Govt. of Kerala for the Green Society of Maroottichal, Trichur in 1996; Evaluated an Irrigation Project set up under the auspicious of People’s Plan in the Co-operative fold at Mundur in Kerala in 1996. Conducted three bench mark studies on the eve of launching poverty reduction projects aiming at the rural poor in Kerala in 1997.  One RRA was conducted to ascertain the feasibility of setting up vegetables co-operative in Brahamangalam in 1998. Supervised the setting up of an eco-tourism resort on the banks of the Muvattupuzha River in Kerala during 1998-1999. A monitoring study on the implementation of the Peoples’ Plan was conducted in nine Panchayats of Kerala in 1999. A project proposal for funding from UNDP was prepared for the Coir Board of India in 1999. A socio- economic study was conducted on the economic impact of AIDS in Kerala in 2000. A study on the impact of empowerment of women in local self Govt. was conducted in 2000.


An impact study was conducted to examine the perceived ill effects of globalization on an agriculture community – a case study of Ooramana Village in 2000. One MBA thesis on Factoring was guided for the Annamalai University in 2001. An advisory note was prepared on good governance for the newly elected Govt. of Kerala in 2001. An impressionistic evaluation study of a 1000 bed Mission hospital was conducted in 2001. A study on the need to augment the provision of micro-credit was conducted in a Kerala village in 2001. Conducted a workshop on Capacity Building for a European Union Pilot project on 29th July 2002. Did one study on the impact of Rural Roads in augmenting the incomes of the farming community in Kerala, March, 2003. Facilitated three workshops on the farming practices of Vanilla cultivation in the tropical regions of India, Jan – June, 2003. Conducted an impact study on gender empowerment of the Vanilla crop husbandry among the small and marginal farmers of the tropical regions of South India, March – August, 2003. Did one impact evaluation study on a minor irrigation scheme in Ernakulum District of Kerala, India, Dec 2004. Organised 95 sensitisation seminars on people’s participation from January 2000 to Oct, 2009, attended by 5000 people.


Dates: January 1995 –  June 1995

Occupation or position held: Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant on Micro Finance & Poverty Reduction (PBME)

Name and address of Employer: Asian Development Bank, Oil Palm Industry Corporation, P.O. Box 3216, Boroko, Papua New Guinea

Achievements: Devised 12 sets of formats for collection of socio-economic and agricultural data; trained 50 staff on data collection techniques; conducted field work in 50 villages and settlements covering 300 small holder oil palm  growers and 50 Govt. and non- Govt. officials.


Dates: March 1994 – September 1994

Occupation or position held: Project Benefit Monitoring & Evaluation

Name and address of Employer: Asian Development Bank, Department of Agriculture and Livestock, Govt. of PNG, P.O. Box 417, Konedobu, Papua New Guinea

Achievements: Did three studies in PNG).  Devised formats for collection of baseline socio economic and agricultural data; conducted socio economic field surveys on Oil Palm, Cocoa & Coffee small holders.


Dates: June 1992 – August 1993

Occupation or position held: PBME Consultant (Poverty Reduction & Women Empowerment Studies

Name and address of Employer: Asian Development Bank Dept. of Agriculture& Livestock, Govt. of PNG, P.O. Box 417, Kone, Papua New Guinea

Achievements: Devised formats for collection of base line socio-economic and agricultural data; devised formats for quarterly monitoring of project implementation; trained 50 staff to undertake regular monitoring of the progress of the project; conducted  bench mark surveys on Oil Palm, Cocoa & Coffee small holders  seven provinces, covering 300 villages, prepared reports for submission to ADB & Govt of PNG.


Dates: March 1990 – May 1992

Occupation or position held: Chief Monitoring& Evaluation Advisor on Rural Community Development & Rapid Impact

Name and address of Employer: Government of Papua New Guinea Department of Agriculture & Livestock, P.O. Box 417, Kone, Papua New Guinea

Achievements: Provided MIS on various programmes of the Department of Agriculture & Livestock; trained 12 staff & national counterpart in M&E techniques; evaluated three rural development & agricultural programmes and ascertained the repercussions of changes under the project implementation conditions.


Dates: September 1981 – February 1990

Occupation or position held: Sr. Manger- Evaluation

Name and address of Employer: Punjab National Bank Head Office, MASD, 7 BC Place, New Delhi 110 066

Achievements: Evaluated the economic impact of development programmes including micro credit and repercussions of changes in project implementation conditions.; trained some 21 staff in M&E techniques; surveyed some 5000 household beneficiaries of various anti-poverty interventions of the Bank; reports were prepared for policy consideration  of the Reserve Bank of India.


Dates: April 1978 – August 1981

Occupation or position held: Planning Economist

Name and address of Employer: Bank of Baroda,   Zonal Office, Planning Division, Ashram Road, Ahmadabad, 380014, India

Achievements: Conducted five studies on micro finance availed by rural borrowers; facilitated the promotion of some 12 NGOs vis-à-vis Rural Development in connection with rural banking.


Dates: March 1974 –  March 1978

Occupation or position held: Economist

Name and address of Employer: National Dairy Development Board, Planning Division, Anand 388001, India

Achievements: Organized & supervised five major national field surveys on the demand for and supply of milk; identified 100 NGOs for tie–up arrangements.


Research Work Done: Bombay University

Address:  Agricultural Economics Division, Bombay, 400 098, India

Designation: Research Associate

Achievements: Organized & supervised five filed surveys for data collection; analyzed the data on micro-credit and rural development.

Period: December 1972 – February 1974


Address:  Sardar Patel University Dept. Of Economics, Anand, 388120, India

Designation: Research Assistant

Achievements: Collected primary data from 300 households on micro finance from Kerala;

Surveyed literature on micro credit, particularly on the Demand for Rural Credit.

Period: August 1970 – November 1972




Date of Completion: 1983

Title of qualification awarded                            Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) in Economics

Name and type of Institution                            University of Ranchi, Ranchi, India


Date of Completion: 1970

Title of qualification awarded                         Master of Arts in Economics

Name and type of Institution                         University of Sardar Patel, Gujarat, India


Date of Completion: 1967

Title of qualification awarded                        Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Name and type of Institution                         University of Kerala, Kerala, India



Indian Society of Agricultural Economics, Bombay, India


  1. Invited by Rotary International to visit the USA.  Presented four seminars in the American universities of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tulsa and Cornel, 1975
  2. Programme Secretary to the International Programme on Dairy Projects organization, March 1975 – April 1975
  3. Gujarat Economic Association Conferences in 1969, 1970 and 1977
  4. Programme on Integrated Area Planning at National Institute of Rural Development,
  5. Hyderabad, February 1981
  6. Core faculty Member to train Lead Bank and Govt. Officials for the formulation of Rural Development Credit Programmes, Appointed by the Reserve Bank of India, 1- 6 March 1982.
  7. Annual Conference of Indian Economic Association, Ahmadabad, 1986
  8. Attended the 9th Bank Economists Meet held at New Delhi, India,  1986
  9. Annual Conferences of Indian Agricultural Economics at Pune, Kanpur, Anand, and Siliguri in 1980 1985, 1986 and 1987 respectively.
  10. Invited to attend the National Prayer Breakfast hosted by the US President in Washington DC in 1987 and attended two seminars during the same event.
  11. Seminar on Monitoring and Evaluation organized by the NIBM (Reserve Bank of India), 1988.
  12. Chaired the session on Science & Technology in relation to Rural Women, a seminar Organized by the Govt. of India in Orissa.
  13. Seminar of financial writers at Delhi, India, 1989
  14. Chaired the mid- term reviews of ongoing projects of Science and Technology for Rural Development in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, September 1989.
  15. Attended and chaired several other national and international seminars in India, Papua  New Guinea, Europe and USA numbering more than 1000.
  16. Delivered some 300 popular lectures in colleges, schools, YMCA’s, Universities and  Religious& other secular organizations.
  17. Attended the India International Coir Fair at Kochi, India from 11th to 13th October, 2001.
  18. Chaired a technical session on product diversification in the Seminar held in connection with the India International Coir Fair on 13 October 2001
  19. Attended a special high power Training Course on “Preparing for the Rehabilitation Effort in Afghanistan” at Scuola Superiore Santa Anna, Pisa, Italy, jointly organized by UNOPS, ILO, and University of York & Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 25 February 2002 – 9 March 2002.
  20. Chaired and or moderated 98 seminars held under the joint auspicious of AGES & Senior Citizens Forum, Ooramana, India since 1999.
  21. Attended the World Universities Congress in Turkey, 20- 24 October 2010.
  22. Attended and chaired a session at the International conference on Innovation &  Inclusion in Banking, 2- 3 February 2011.

Publications: 94 Papers, 2 Books & 55 M&E Studies

Details of Publications:

  1.  Role of Micro Credit in Economic Development, Southern Economist, vol.12, No 13, 1972
  2. Farm Credit trends in Kerala a Village, Kurukshetra, Vol 22, No, 3, 1974
  3. Demand for Farm Credit, Kurukshetra, 20 July 1974
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  61. Holistic Healing: Need for Comprehensive Approach, 2001 (MS)
  62. Empowering Road Infrastructure by Application of Coir Geo- Textiles, 2002 (MS)
  63. European Union: It’s Challenges & Future Agenda, A paper prepared for an international conference held at Lisbon, Portugal (MS), 2002
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  69. Can Bribes Be Avoided? A theme paper prepared for an international seminar held in Rome for Better Governance, spring 2007.
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  71. Millennium Development Goals, A paper presented at YMCA, Ramamangalam, India, December 2007.
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  74. Rural Indebtedness Versus Farmer Suicides in South Asia: An Enquiry into its Causes and Policy Recommendations in the context of MDGs of the UN, A paper written for an international conference held in Finland, September 2008.
  75. Vaastu: A Few Questions and its Current Challenges; A paper written for an international seminar held at Trichur, India, 10 May 2008.
  76. An Empirical Study on Corruption and its Impact; A paper written for an international conference, June 2008.
  77. Revival of Rural Credit Coops in India: Challenges of its Revamping in the Third Millennium, A paper presented at the AGES seminar, May 2008.
  78. Computer Literacy among Rural Women in Kerala: An Empirical Study Based Examination of a Development Indicator, A paper written for seminar of Computer Society of OSCF, June 2008.
  79. Rural Indebtedness Versus Farmer Suicides in South Asia: An Enquiry into its Causes and Policy Recommendations in the context of MDGs of the UN, A paper presented at the AGES & OSCF Seminar, July 2008.
  80. Food Crisis: A Rejoinder to Metropolitan’s Letter, A Paper written for Diocesan Bulletin, July 2008.
  81. Food Crisis: An Impending Catastrophe-How to Contain it, July 2008; Published in Acque & Terre, Venezia, 108-113, June 2008.
  82. Conflict Societies: Ways to Ensure Sustainable Development, August 2008.
  83. Socio-economic Exclusion: Voice of the Voiceless- Need to Reach the Unheard in Terms of Access to Markets and Credits, Sept, 2008 (Paper presented in a seminar at Mangalore University, on 24 September 2008.; Published in Acque & Terre, Venezia, 114- 127,  June 2008.
  84. Rural Cooperation in the 21st Century: Lessons Learnt and Challenges in the Third Millennium, Paper written for an international conference held in Israel, in June 2009. (Field study was conducted in India during Aug-Oct, 2008). Acque & Terre, Venezia, 57-75, 2009.
  85. Financial Inclusion: Innovations in delivery methods for better Outreach / Franchising in Micro Finance; A paper written for an international conference to be held at Pondicherry University, January 2009.
  86. Making Impact Evaluations Demand Driven:  Present Impasse: (Practical Confusions & Field Feedback as Solutions), A paper prepared for an international conference on Impact Evaluations held in Mexico, Feb, 2009: Published in Acque & Terre,  Italy,  March 2009.
  87. Safety and Efficacy of Phytomedicines, A paper presented in the 4th Global Summit of Alternate Healing in Malaysia.
  88. Empowerment of Small & Marginal Bamboo Workers through diversification and value addition – a paper presented to an international conference on green products, Cochin, India, December 2009.
  89. Universities in the third millennium: Innovational imperatives, A conference paper submitted to World Universities Conference held in Turkey, October 2010.
  90. An Empirical Study of the Changing Dimensions of Labour Migration with in India. A paper submitted to the Annual Meeting – Swiss Society of Economics and Statistics, University Of Fribourg,  24-25 June 2010.
  91. Corporate Social Responsibility: New Dimensions to ensure Sustainable Development under Millennium Development Goals of the UN. A conference paper prepared for an international  Conference on CSR held in Russia, 2010.
  92. New Dimensions of Micro Finance under NGOs to ensure sustainable development through Corporate Social Responsibility Under Millennium Development Goals of the UN.; A paper submitted to an international conference on financial inclusion  held at Kannur University, India on 3-4 February 2011.
  93. Need & Importance of Innovations in the realm of Universities to make them Demand driven, Key–note paper on CSR presented at Nirmala College, India on 9 December 2011.
  94. Financial Integration for  Inclusive  Growth, Paper presented  at the All India  Management  association, Kumarakom, India, 24th Oct  2014.



Other Languages Known European level (*)                    

Understanding Speaking Writing
Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
ENGLISH Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
HINDI Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
MALAYALAM Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
URDU Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
TAMIL Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
GUJARATI Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
PIDGIN Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent


(*) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


  1. Minor Irrigation Scheme in Uttar Pradesh:  An Impact Study
  2. Minor Irrigation Scheme in Madhya Pradesh:  A socio- economic Study
  3. Share of Weaker Sections in Minor Irrigation Corporation Advances
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  5. Farm Mechanization Scheme in Punjab: An Impact Study
  6. Farm Mechanization Scheme in Bihar: An Impact Study
  7. Farm Mechanization Scheme in Rohtas: An Impact Study
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  15. IRDP in Jammu: A Study on Anti-poverty Scheme
  16. IRDP in Gaya: A study on Anti-poverty Scheme
  17. IRDP in Jhansi: A Study on Poverty Alleviation
  18. System of Purchase of Assets under IRDP:  An Assessment
  19. Capital Adequacy in IRDP:  A Policy Study
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  28. Urban Poverty Eradication:  An Impact Study in Saharanpur
  29. Urban Poverty Eradication:  An Impact Study in Ambala
  30. Urban Poverty Eradication:  An Impact Study in Saharanpur
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  41. Impact of Differential Interest Scheme:  A Policy Review Study
  42. Training Evaluation: A Review
  43. Organisational Image of Punjab National Bank- An Introspective Study
  44. Released Nine Quarterly MIS Reports of The Agricultural. Sector Projects & Programmes of the Govt. Of Papua New Guinea from March 1990 –  June 1992
  45. Bench Mark Survey of Small Holder Oil Palm Project (Conducted for the Govt. of Papua New Guinea and Asian Development Bank)
  46. Bench Mark Survey of Small Holder Cocoa Growers of Papua New Guinea (Conducted for the Govt. of Papua New Guinea & Asian Development Bank)
  47. Bench Mark Survey of Small Holder Coffee Growers of Papua New Guinea (Conducted for the Govt. of Papua New Guinea & Asian Development Bank)
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  54. Fourth Quarterly Report of the UNDP Project on Indian Coir, January 2002
  55. A Participatory Impact Evaluation Study of Irrigation projects in Afghanistan,

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 2014



Monitoring, Evaluation, Socio-economic Studies & Surveys, Benchmark Surveys, Women Empowerment Studies, Micro-finance, Rapid Impact Evaluation, Poverty Reduction Studies & Surveys,   Studies on the Impact of MDGs.  Done during the last 45 years as many as 55 mid- term evaluations for Banks and Governments as well as United Nations (UN) Agencies in India and abroad.

COMPUTER SKILLS: MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Internet Operations.

INTERNATIONAL RURAL EXPOSURES/INTERACTION: Visited 6500 villages & settlements (Interacted with 450,000 people in Afghanistan, India, and Papua New Guinea & DPR Korea).


Listed in Marquis (USA) “Who’s Who in the World” as one of the highest achievers  Participated in a high power Training programme on “Preparing for the Rehabilitation Effort in Afghanistan” in Italy, jointly organized by UNOPS, International Labour Organization (ILO), University of York & Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 25 February 2002 – 9 March 2002.



  1. K KANNAN, Former Director, Asian Dev. Bank, P.O. Box 789, Manila, Philippines.

Phone: +6073610377 ( home),  mobile: +601117989160



JUSTICE K NARAYANA KURUP, Former Judge, High Court of Kerala & Ag. Chief Justice,

High Court of Madras; Pullepady, Ernakulum, Cochin, Kerala, Pin 682018, India.

Phone:  +91- 484-2369163; (Mobile): +91-9447091131.



  1. NARENDRA TUNWAR, Rural Dev Expert, FAO, EC-29, Maya Enclave, New Delhi-110064

(Mobile): +91 9818465200; Phone 91-11-25120113 & 25120259.



DECLARATION: I hereby certify that the above mentioned data about me is true and correct based on my knowledge and belief.




Former FAO (UN) Team Leader of M&E & Director of AGES

(Formerly Chief Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, Government of Papua New Guinea; World Bank Monitoring & Evaluation Advisor to Govt. of Afghanistan; FAO Team Leader in Afghanistan; Consultant to ADB, UNDP, UNOPS)AGRICULTURE, GENDER & ENVIRONMENT ADVISORY SERVICES
Melmana Gardens, P.O, Ooramana, Pin: 686663, Kerala, India. Tel: +91 485 2870371, +91 994 7670 887; website:; Email:;; Skype: drkmgeorge; Yahoo Messenger ID: drkmgeorge


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