Disillusioned and Disappointed With the Visit of Patriarch to India

Dr . K.M. George, Melmana Gardens,
UN Adviser in Rwanda,
Republic of Rwanda.

Dear Your Holiness -Ignatius Aprehem II,

1) At the very outset please do accept my greetings and felicitations; again as you have demonstrated as a tireless person with energy and enthusiasm. I am now in Kerala, India and may go back to Rwanda by Mid of Lent in March. Your secretary knows about my presence here and my invitation to you for a private lunch or dinner at my Melmana Gardens.
2) On a personal note, it was not expected of you to exclude me from a personal meeting during your visit to Malankara. I did take up with your secretary bishop Themotheous but was declined as your schedule was drawn up long ago. You were at Kadakkanad at the bishops house of bishop Evanious hardly 2 km away from my home and even Puthencrz is hardly 12 km from my place.
3) I am not used to unsolicited meetings and hence I did shy away from seeing you Holy Father. I do not want to be one in the crowd.
4) Hope you recall my personal letters-may be five or six and your reply as well as the several letters replied by bishop Themotheous on theme of peace and unity in Malankara Church. You were admittedly very positive to begin with.

Let me brief you and convey the feedback about your visits and proclamations gathered from different places , people and media and the general impressions about your historic visit to Malankara.

Fall to Anticlimax-Disillusioned and Disappointed Holy Father:

@ You stood as the prince of peace and more like a statesman when you did observe on your landing in Cochin Air port , “The two church factions in India do cherish the same faith ,order and legacy of our fathers in faith”.
Yes you did start off well as you were calling for peace and unity as per the media
report of 8th Feb 2015 Holy Father.

@In the public meeting held in Kottayam on 8th Feb, you were very positive when you observed, ” the offerings of the poor believers are wasted in litigations and it must be stopped forthwith” ” Brothers of the same family find it hard and bitter to bear the fruits of the holy spirit in the hour of common family events like weddings and even worst during funerals”. How right you are Holy Father? Yes you did impress up on all the need and importance of peace and unity in Malankara.

@Media on 11 th Feb reported that the the “Patriarch felt from his interactions with the people that majority in Indian Church long for peace and unity”.

@You did tell people like Mr Mammen Varghese, ” God will bless your peace and unity efforts”.

@ Even your chance meeting on the road side with Rev Dr KM George and team at Pampady-Kottayam was reported in the media on 12th Feb saying that the Patriarch is for peace and unity in the Indian Church.

@ At Kothamangalam, after the Holy Eucharist you said for you peace and unity of the church is non- negotiable and it must be achieved at any cost.
Great proclamations Holy Father.!!!

@ While addressing the working committee and managing committee members of the Jacobite Church in Puthencruz you did a sudden and unexpected somersault, when you reportedly observed as supreme head of the Syrian Orthodox Church, “it is better not to become again a reunified Orthodox Church in India, both to become independent sister churches, reports the media on 13th Feb!! I am shocked and saddened along with millions of well-meaning believers in India to see such an unexpected utterance from the Holy Father—the prince of peace!!!

@ It is indeed in bad taste that you transgressed the list given by the government while entering some of the disputed parish churches like Piravom and Mulnathurathy. You know that you have put the government in a very tight spot and awkward situation despite its Chief Minister is an Orthodox believer too. Again when the Indian Orthodox Church has had wished your visit this time a very smooth facilitation attitude, you should have used prudence , not arrogance to move around visiting disputed parish churches.


Holy Father you came as a statesman. But subsequently became one with blinkers to the horse like a partisan spokesperson for the Jacobite Church. You were weighed by millions of Hindus, Muslims and Christians across India and even abroad and found grossly wanting Holy Father as a holistic wholesome peace maker or trend setter!

With warmest greetings-By Kissing your Holy Ring,
Dr. KM George

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