Emerging Challenges of Education in India

Let me wish you all a happy New Year to begin with.  I am sure  this  New Year  would  bring all happiness  and  prosperity to  your school  and  your  own  families.

This  New Year  would  see  all sorts of blessings  for   your  school, teachers,  parents  and  for  the  entire  universe.

Loka Samastha  Sukino Bhavandu.

As  we  say in  our  Indian  tradition:

Guru Devo  Bhava; Matha  -Pitha  Devo Bhava;  Addidthi  Devo Bhava.

A Bell  is   not  a Bell unless   you ring it

A song is  not  a song unless  you  sing it

A school is not  a  school unless it  empowers   you holistically.

What is holistic  Empowerment?  Here  you get  empowerment  of  your   total  personality as  students. You get time  to  play  here. You are  given  much  knowledge  here.  You  get  friends here.   You learn new  languages  here.  You  learn  science  here. You get  to learn maths here.  You learn civic   education here as  how  to behave  in a  society  with  decency  a decorum. So  you  get    very many  types of  empowerment  in the  school.

Here  is   your   opportunity  to  learn it  well.  So  you  are  better   future  citizens  like  our late  president Shri  APJ Abdul Kalam  or like  Sway  Vivekananda. 

Here in the  school  you  develop  creative  thinking  process.  You get to  think of many  new  ideas  here.

You as  students  must  respect  your  teachers. You  must respect  your  parents. Like  that  you respect  elders.  You must respect  the  environment.  You  get to  know  development  is  without  destroying  the  environment. It must be  sustainable .

How  do  you  learn or  acquire  knowledge?  Yes  it  is as you learn from the  mouth of  your  teachers  from  friends and from  your  parents.  But   these days  you get  much  information from  media like  News  Papers,  TV  and  phone  or  computers. Google is  the  greatest  source  of  information .But  you  must  know  as  how to  use it  for   good. Google can  make  you   good  students and  very  bad students  like  criminals  or  terrorists.  Always  ask  your teachers  and  parents  what  is  the  right  information if  you  doubt its    correctness.

You must  read  at least  two news  papers every day—one in  English and one  in  local language.  You may   watch   good  pictures. But never  ever  get  to become  slaves  of  cartoons  or  TV serials.

Mind   you well,  you are  basically out  here  to  learn well—study  well.  Not to waste you’re   most precious time in unwanted things.

You must know that the   world is fast changing with new developments like Artificial intelligence.

Like   our great Arjun as referred in the epics, you must focus on the   eyes of the bird. Not on the   leaves  or   sky or  the big tree  when  you aim. Be  focused.

I wish you all a great New Year again. I  wish  that  you all become  good will ambassadors  of peace  and  tolerance and   become good  citizens  of the  future  India.

Thank you.

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