Gist of Core group meeting decisions of Sustainable Development Forum held on 4th June at Mel Mana Gardens.

The  core  group meeting  was  attended  by Hon Justice  KN Kurup,  Rev Dr. Abraham  Mulamootil,  Dr  MN Sateesh,  Er Anil Joseph, Mr  Sabu George, Mr  Arun  Mathew and Dr  KM George.

1)During the  year  2017  some  10  meetings and seminars  were  conducted  with a  total participants  of 900 people  attending  the same. Since  1998, the  number  of participants who  attended  our  various    sessions are 7500 plus.

2)  All speakers  were  very  eminent  people from their own  areas  of  expertise like  Air Marshall  Dr  Madoosudan,  Dr Viswambaran,  Swami  Yoganda, Arch bishop  Dr  Thomas  Koorilos,  Rev Dr  Abraham Mulamootil, Prof Mathews  of  LSE—Dubai  campus, Prof  Dr  Abraham  Ittyachan,  HG Dr. Thomas Athanasius,  HG  Metropolitan  Joseph Gregorios, Mr. AT  Pathrose,  Mr  Eldo Abraham  Hon MLA  of Kerala  legislative  assembly  and Hon Justice Dr  KN  Kurup   to mention  a few.

3) As  our  forum  is becoming very  popular  and  useful  to the community  around, it was   decided  to beef  up its resources and logistics by  resorting to innovative  ideas  and methods..

4) It was  decided  to  invite top  professionals like Dr. Vallyathan, DrGeorgy  K Ninan,  Dr Jose  Periyapuram, Dr  PE  Abraham  of the  integrated  medicine   to  address  our  rural  audience for  our  outreach  service to the  society.

5)  Hon Justice  Kurup  was  requested being our  patron to invite Dr  Vallyathan and  Dr Georgy K Ninan;  Er Anil Joseph would  request  Dr Periyapuram and  Dr  Abraham to  extend  our invitation.

6) Hon Justice Kurup was requested to introduce the theme of each seminar.

7)  Rev Dr  Abraham Mulamootil would co-chair our  seminars along  with  Metropolitan  Dr.  Thomas Athanasius.

8)As  we  do operate  on a very  meagre  budget,  it was explained that  travel  allowances  may not be paid  to any  of the  speakers ,unless  we get  someone to  sponsor  it.

9) Dr MN Sateesh would explore the possibility of inviting an eminent    speaker on the theme of wellness.

10)  Er Anil  would incorporate  the  necessary  changes in our  proposed letter  head  and  business  cards  with  the  correct name of the forum  as   Sustainable Development Forum (SDF) and  for  the  core  professionals   like president,  Director  (Logistics,  Resources  &  Lectures ) and  patron. We  need  to  take  critical  inputs  from  Rev  Dr..Mulamootil.

11) Dr  MN Sateesh  and  Dr Usha Sateesh  would find out sponsors  for  future  seminars  as  each  seminar  cost  us  around Rs20,000  with  some honorarium being paid  to  keynote  speakers.

12)  It was  requested  that Dr Sateesh  may help  us  with a  podium with  light and sound  system suitably  synchronised taking  advantage  of his  engineering skills and expertise.

13) Our newly purchased chairs must find someone to pick up its bill of Rs 21,000.(  Requested  Rev Professor  Mathew  Thomas  from  USA).

14)  All are  collectively  impressed  up  on  to  look around to harness   Corporate  Social  responsibility-( CSR )  funds to help us  perform better  without  begging for  each  seminar some  sponsors.

Special  Requests:

15) We  do urgently require a 5 feet tall mike stand—PAS stand -to place   the loudspeaker.

16)  One LED projector is very badly required as suggested by our policy Advisor -Rev Dr Mulamootil.( Rev  Dr  Is  about  to  make  some provisions to get  one  for  our   SDF).

17)  we  need very much  a  head  table measuring  10  feet  length  and   4  feet  width.

18)  Our  digital  e- advertising  programmes  including blog  would be managed  by  Mr Arun   Mathew under  the   close  supervision of  Rev Dr  Mulamootil.

19)  Rev Dr. Mulamootil  would oversee  the  video processing  of future SDF  programmes.

20) Prof  Dr  MA Ittyachan  is  requested  to be our theme  advisor .DR George  to  follow up.

The meeting was adjourned at 6 15 pm with a vote thanks by Dr MN Sateesh.

Dr.  KM George

President  of  SDF

5th  June  2017.

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