Gist of Discussions with His Holiness Patriarch: Road Map for peace &Unity in the Indian Church

Gist of Discussions with His Holiness Patriarch: Road Map for peace &Unity in the Indian Church
Dr. K M George,
Mel Mana Gardens, Kerala, India
Phone 91 99 47 67 08 87
His Holiness Aprehem II,
Patriarch of Universal Orthodox Church,
Dear Your Holiness,

1) It was nice to talk to you over the phone to day while you were in New Delhi, as facilitated by HG Gregorise my personal and family friend. I feel honoured to have interacted with Your Holiness for about 15 minutes expressing your concerns emanating from my personal email addressed to you on 16th Feb with regard to the general feedback on your visit to Malankara and its ramifications based on general perceptions of the spiritual sons of both the factions and the secular majority (Please find attached my email in question for your ready reference).

2) As it was mentioned unequivocally over the phone, if my personal email has hurt your feelings, please know for certain, it was not my intention at all Holy Father. I tender my unqualified apology as I want to bail out myself. I was profusely bleeding within, with moral indignation of seeing the missed opportunity, as it was the most conducive socio-religious milieu and space for you to bring in the much required critical push for effecting peace and unity in the century old church feud in India and to bring about lasting peace and unity.

3) Please recall that you can count on my all out support if you still stand for peace and unity in the Malankara Church based on the principles of respect and dignity, without any one group emerging as victor or vanquished in such a deal. It may be noted that you as the chief shepherd of the church ( in your own words over the phone, the chief servant of God in the Church), let us enter His gates with thanks giving and His courts with praises, as good witnesses as your holiness had referred to in your Kottayam historic meeting- like the life of Mother Teresa. Also please know even the local catholic community at St Thomas Parish at Pulluvazhy had erected the biggest cut out welcoming the prince of peace- HH Patriarch- with the verse from Psalm 133.1 at my instance. It was the only non-Jacobite welcome cut out! The local parish priest Rev George Thottungal had given your holiness a memento of a house boat at Thruthuppally Parish Church reception. This was the nature of silent background support I was arranging for you Holy Father.

4) Yes I am willing to associate myself with you as desired by Your Holiness along with HG Gregoriose to augment the process of lasting peace and unity.

5) If you are serious about the peace efforts, surely I can facilitate to rope in the erstwhile metropolitans of the Patriarch faction , now as senior bishops of Orthodox Church-namely Dr Thomas Athanasius, Nicolovos and Militios to augment the process of peace efforts and to throw their weight on your side to make the Orthodox faction to conclude a just and lasting peace conflict resolution with mutual respect and dignity for one and all. Let us make no mistake that mass frenzy or euphoria cannot be sustained unless we are serious and result oriented with core competence as our people are educated and well informed. We cannot fool all the people all the time. Let Holy Spirit guide you richly and anoint you as Mosses, Joshua and Samuel were guided.

6) You need to invite HH Catholicose along with HG Dr Thomas Athanasius and Rev Dr. KM George for an informal dialogue in Bruit or USA soon to begin with and may be later a team from both the factions. Thus to take charge as the facilitator of bringing about lasting peace-the harbinger of peace and unity.

7) Peace process formalities may be worked out phase by phase along with detailed road map, including Confidence Building Measures ( CBM), if we are talking the same language of a reunited catholic and apostolic Malankara Church, Holy Father.

With greetings and prayers,
Kissing your Holy Ring,
Your Spiritual Son,
Dr KM George ( 91 -99 47 67 08 87);Skype drkmgeorge; Email:
18th Feb 2015.

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  1. Now the initiative must come from HH Patriarch like inviting HH Catholicose from Kottayam etc.I am willing to play that special role of facilitating along with my civil job as Adviser to the international community. Please do recall peaceful co-existence with dignity and respect must be accorded top priority with out any one single group claiming 100% victory over the rival as it is our collective christian witnessing.Dr GeorgeKM

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