Global Millet Foundation -Inaugurated

(22 December, Ooramana, Ernakulam)

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The UN General Assembly has declared 2023 as the International Year of Millets (IYM). Taking clue from this, Global Millets Foundation (  GMF) has been formed as a  Think Tank to promote the cultivation, production and distribution and  consumption of value added products of millets (small grains).  It aims at fostering, among  others:

1) Encourage and assist farmers producing quality millets.

2) Support manufacturing of value added products.

3) Promote millets for healthy living.

4) Create awareness about millets among producers and consumers.

5) Act as a knowledge platform related to millet.

6) Encourage Self Help Groups (SHGs) and other groups to cultivate millets in barren and abandoned lands.

7) To organize study tours of millets farmers to major centres of millets cultivation in India and abroad.

8) Join  hands  with the UN’s COP and SDGs related to carbon neutrality, women’s empowerment, and climate change.

9) Conduct awareness programmes in schools, colleges, local self-governing bodies like Panchayats, NGOs, social organizations like Lions, Rotaries, NSS, etc.

The Secretary General of the organization, Dr. KM George explained the major underlying  reasons to  go  for  such  an innovative and dynamic initiative. He informed that soon the chapters will be started in different parts of Kerala  and elsewhere and the activities of Global Millets Foundation will be carried out on an all India basis and in foreign countries.

Millets has been used since the time of the Indus Valley Civilization and continues. Historical records show that millets have been in use for at least 5000 years. Millets are environmentally friendly. Former Justice Dr.  K Narayana  Kurup who delivered the presidential address said that millets are the best way to fight malnutrition, hunger and various diseases caused by modern food culture and fast food diets.

  Food security and nutritional prosperity along with empowerment of marginalized people and women can be achieved through millets cultivation and related  initiatives, according to  Dr. KPP Nambiar  the former FAO/UNIFOFISH. Dr. KPP Nambiar, the  patron  of Global Millets Foundation, said that millet cultivation will become a golden opportunity to save our world from the impending disaster of food shortages and starvation and combat the threats of climate change.

 Global Millets Foundation, Kerala Chapter,  was  inaugurated  by  Shri. PH Kurian IAS.  He  said unless  a  good  budgetary allocation is  there in the uniron budget for  2023,  millets  propagation is only   wish full dream. Marginal costs and marginal   returns must guide the policy makers along  with  opportunity  costs to be realistic in  the  approach  during  the IYM. Any amount  of  sermons  for  millets must be  backed   with funds allocation in the budget.

The logo and website of Global Millets Foundation was launched on the occasion.

Ms. Lily Bhavana Khauler from Australia, Mr. Ajikumar Nair, Mr. Nasser Ezhutenikkad,  former-IG Mr. A. M. Muhammad I. P. S., Dr. Matthew Abraham, Mr. Joy Mookantottam and others participated in the function and spoke.

Later, a first-of-its-kind millet food fest was held in Kerala featuring more than 25 millet dishes.


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