Happy birthday…

3rd Oct is my birth day

Seven decades ago it was a post- monsoon evening that saw my emergence on mother earth!!

It was a great journey so far. I was blessed by God and my family immensely beyond my   wildest   imagination and comprehension. My mother was my biggest asset, my motivator and my north star. I was blessed manifold despite my very many constraints and handicaps. It is a clear proof that the supreme power is in control. Some call it God   while others call it by other names.

I  had been to  some  6500  villages  the  world over  and interacted  with  half  a million people under the  aegis  of very many  organisations   like  banks,  various  governments,  UNDP,UNOPS, ADB,FAO  etc.

Thanks Giving Note:

This is to thank  all my friends, my wife  Dr Isabella and all my mentors and role  models, who  goaded  me all  through my  life hitherto.

Some  of you  have  already  sent  me  happy Birth Day  Greetings  and  Prayers. I am obliged and even overwhelmed by your gesture of goodwill.

This is to say I love   you…I thank you—I care for   your concern   and prayers.

With warm hugs and gratitude.

Dr KM George

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