His Holiness Patriarch of Antioch, Camp Kerala, India

Most Respected Holy Father,

1)   What  a  great  trip that  you  do  cherish  and enjoy to  Kerala,  again this  time….yes   your official  3rd  trip as  the  Patriarch!  I was  following  you  to  Manajanikkara and  even  back to  Maleakurussu  to  see  as   how  our people  shower  their  loyalty  and allegiance  to  you  holy father.

2)  Your  address was  great to  inspire  the  faithful  people  and  even  it was a  tit   for tat aimed at  the  Kottayam  Catholicose!

I am at my wits end when you spoke   , “Even if only one   person is left in your    faction, I am there with you to own you—support you”. “If you have to lose   your parish churches, we will strive to build your own parish churches”.  The  tone of  your  questioning  the  legal mechanism  and even  the  supreme court of India  was   surely  good enough to play to the gallery  holy  father.   What is your locus standi to question the apex court of India?  Again it was not in good taste as you being our state guest.

3)  Admittedly  you did not  show  the vision and maturity as   you ought  to have  demonstrated, befitting  your  current status as  the  head  of the  Universal  Syraic  Church  holy father. At best   you  could  add fuel  to  the  burning  fire and  thus   you opened up  new  flood gates  to  expedite  the  degeneration  Christian  Witness  and finally  to  augment  the  final disintegration  of the Jacobite  faction  for  good,  to any  independent  observer.

As you know  we  did exchange   as many as some  100 letters and even spoke on the  phone  to  augment the  process  of  unity  and  peace in our  Church holistically.  You are my personal friend for quite some time. Please do know personal relationship is different from policy convictions  and  views. Hope you do live up to that kind maturity please. As  you  know  well, though I am  a  critique  of  my own  Catholicose  of  Kottayam, I  belong to  the  Orthodox  Church in India.

4)  I do not  know as   for  whom you  did  stoop  down to this level  as I have been holding  you as  a man of  sagacity, prudence and  wisdom.  Admittedly  I  know  for certain  that  for many, your  Arab racial mind set is much  discernible  from  your speeches  as  the  yoke is beseeched  voluntarily  by  the Malankara  to  carry  for  generations  to  come. Racial   mindset  is there  for  the  White  against  Brown,  Arab against the  non Arabs;  Brown  and  others  against  the  Black.  I advice  you, being  a man of  74,  to shed  this racial superiority complex  to become  acceptable  to  God. How would you reconcile to God and people before each Eucharist without shedding such a huge complex?

5)  It is ironic to see that you are not what you pretend to profess. You must be the spiritual leader of the whole Church. How can the patriarch talking as the mouth piece of just one fraction, akin to the devil’s advocate and nothing ever good comes from Antioch except the yoke of perennial and perpetual servitude and dominion?  Like  your  predecessors  you too want our praises, platitudes and accolades and of course the money and the people  as   you are  a king  without any kingdom  holy  father.

6)   But the posterity would prove that you are wrong in your   spiritual leadership.  I wonder if   you  are a real  man  of  love,  kindness,  forgiveness and such other  attributes of the beatitudes  holy father!!

7)  You can fool all for a while, some for some time, but not everybody for all the time. Let God be your judge.

With love, prayers and best wishes,

Dr KM George,

26th May 2019.

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