Holy Father

Dear Holy Father,
1)  I  saw   you  seated  along  with  the  other  church leaders–Orthodox–  in many  functions  last  week in  Germany.

Good to see   you all as one congregation. The  most  proactive  was  the  Coptic   Church head along  with  you in  the interaction  with the  German higher  ups  in relation to the  Middle East Crisis. Good work done   under   your leadership.
2) I saw my family friend Joseph Gregorios too along with you. Again my  family  friends  GH Nicholoves and my name  sake  and  your   good old  friend  Rev KM George, etc.
3) While  our  Catholicose was  reading out  the  speech,  I saw  you seated in the  front  row among the audience  Holy Father.
4)  It  seems   you had  some  closed  door  discussions  with regard  to  Malankara  Church  peace deal–reconciliation and   reunification!
5) Kindly recall my  letter  attached  with  a draft  bull  to be  considered to be issued  to the  synod  secretaries. This is only to remind your holiness that time and tide wait for none.
6) May  I  request   your favour of   a  reply in this  regard  ASAP, as  95  per cent of the  people in Malankara  want  unity   and  peace  now. Unity meetings are on in many places in Kerala.
7) If   your holiness  want, I  can  suggest   a few  different   formula – a set of  different  scenarios- to  go about  in  effecting  peace and unity.  I am awaiting    your kind command Holy Father.
Dr KM George

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