Hon Adil Abdul Mahdi,Prime Minister of Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq

Dear Hon Prime Minister Mr Mahdi,

  1.  May I  at the very outset  pay my  greetings  and  best wishes  in your  appointment as  the  PM  of  this  historic  and  world  known country  of  Iraq. May God   goad   you  in your  smooth  functioning to  champion the  cause  of the  poor and the inarticulate  people  .
  2. It is not an easy road before you as the challenges are   manifold and even complicated. Yet   as  a person  of  courage and  fortitude,  God  will  give   you the required   courage  and  vision to march ahead  to  empower the destitute and  women as  required  by the  Agenda  2030  of  the  UN in Iraq.
  3. I  do  extend my unqualified  moral  support and  prayers  for  you  to become a winner in  achieving   great  and mighty things, despite the  multitude of complex  problems. I wish you job enrichment and   job enlargement Mr Prime Minister.
  4. I had been  to  some  750,000  villages  under  UNDP—UNOPS—FAO—ADB etc in  India—PNG—Afghanistan—Rwanda —North Korea and South Sudan to scan the  environment and to   suggest  policy intervention areas  for better project  benefits to the  target  groups.
  5. It  may be  a good news that  I may   visit  Iraq  soon  say by early  Dec  for  taking  up  an  assignment  with the UNICEF as consultant  advisor and may interact   with very many stake holders for a period  of  for  months.
  6. If your good self is interested, I love to call on you to convey my greetings and best wishes in person.
  7. Please  be informed that I am willing to  lend  my  professional support  to  you  Hon PM, if   you find me  acceptable  to  you once my  UNCIEF  assignment is over. I am not   to   make  money  any more as my  objective  is  experience  sharing  with the most needy. Currently I am heading one NGO by name SDF—Sustainable Development Forum– here India. Here  we have  done  some  110  seminars  for awareness creation  among the  poor from the  rural  folks on a variety  of  topics. My details  can be  had  from my website www.drkmgeorge.com
  8. I wish you all the best in your elevation as the PM of Iraq. I may not  write  to you  once I  take up the assignment  in UNICEF in Iraq  as it is not  in good   taste  to deal  with political leaders  while  working  with UN  agencies unless  I am  the  Resident  Representative in  that  country!!

With very best wishes and greetings to   your Mr PM and madam Rajah.

Dr KM George

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