Hon Supreme Court of India and Church Cases: Revolutionary strategy to bring in lasting Peace in Malankara Church.-Based on today’s verdict

  • Hon   Supreme Court has today made   very important  pronouncements regarding the  cases  of  a few  parish  churches and  also  struck down the  2002 constitution of the  Jacobite Church as  the  1934 church   constitution is  binding  for  the Syrian Orthodox and Orthodox   Syrian  believers
  • In the light of the erstwhile court interventions, we need to be more practical and pragmatic in bringing about   lasting peace as it is a land mark verdict.
  • Here no one is a victor or victim and all are to be treated as one in the body of Christ Jesus.
  • In true  Christian love  and   with  a  policy of give  and take,  1934   church constitution  to be  accepted  by  all  for  the  common good of the  future generations.
  • Appoint a High Power group to negotiate the modalities of implementing the court mandate.
  • Get from each faction 3 members each to work out the modalities of the emerging unified church.
  • First step is to facilitate an  urgent  meeting  chaired  by  HH  Patriarch and  co- chaired  by HH Catholicose assisted  by  HB  Catholicose  and  attended  by  all  bishops of the  unified  church in a neutral place or  any modern convention centre in central Kerala or New Delhi to  declare  the  emergence  of the  unified
  • Declare HB Catholicose  as  Supreme Catholicose    for the Malankara Church as  only  titler   head  .The  present  Catholicose  to  function as the legal  Malankara  Metropolitian and Catholicose.  However, Synod meetings may be chaired by either of them.
  • Appoint two  interim successor  Catholicose form the  erstwhile  Jacobite  faction ( may be HG  Joseph Gregorios and from the  Orthodox  faction  HG Dr Thomas Athanasius).
  • All bishops would continue to function from the present dioceses wherever they are with future rationalisation to be in place.
  • All parish  churches  will  declare  allegiance to the  1934constiution and  shall continue to be  governed  till the  currency  of the  elected  periods of  the
  • All parish priests may be transfered once in three years.
  • All existing cases in various courts may be wound up   settled within a reasonable time frame of   six months.
  • A committee may be set up to oversee the implementation of the curt verdict.
  • A core group of experts may be set up to settle disputes of administrative nature.
  • A team of  bishops from  the Jacobite   faction namely  HG  Joseph Gregorios, HG  Thomas Themothious, HG  Kuriakose  Theopheliose and   HG  Gheevarghese  Koorilos would  constitute the   team to  discuss  the modalities  of   full merger  with the  Orthodox  faction  team  consisting  of HG Dr Thomas Athanasius,  HG Nicholovos Zachariah,  and  HG Gheevragese  Coorilos of  The Lay Trustee Orthodox Church Mr George Paul to be member secretary.
  • Faith and order may be examined  by a  special  committee  headed  by Rev  KM George and  Rev Dr Jacob Adayi-principal of the  Syrian Orthodox  Seminary along with Rev Dr  Johns  Konat.
  • WCC and ecumenical  issues may be  sorted  out by  a  high  power  group  consisting of  HG   Nicholovos Zachariah and  HG Dr  Kuriakose
  • Contact group may be  constituted  immediately including  eminent  persons  from each group   .There may be  people like  Dr Babu Paul  IAS,  Dr Georg e Sleeba  IAS, Mr  Gigy  Thomson  IAS  and ,Dr  MP Mathai.
  • It is high time that  the unified  Indian Orthodox   Church to  embrace liberal thinking, which is universal thinking, in terms of  global outlook  with local focus in all realms of its  manifestation-theological , secular as  well as philosophical.
  • Let us remember the serenity prayer.” God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot Courage to change the things I can-and wisdom to know the difference”. Let’s make the challenges our opportunities.

Dr KM George

Former UN Advisor

President and CEO  of  Sustainable Development  Forum,

www.drkmgeorge.com; email  Melmana@gmail.com; Cell +91 99 47 67 08 87

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