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As we know the Supreme Court of India did pronounce an epoch making verdict on 3rd July -on the St Thomas Day. It said the Malankara Church must be governed as per the 1934 Church Constitution only. This verdict cannot be questioned in any court for review or rectification. Thus it has sealed and settled the   deal for   good.

It is  only logical that the  2002  church  constitution of the  erstwhile  Jacobite  Church  is declared null and void and  the only  option before  all  Malankara  Church believers  is to  fall in line to accept the  1934  constitution.

Challenges Open.

Unless we read the writing on the wall carefully, the options open to the Jacobite believers are:

  • Happily join the  mainstream of  Orthodox  Church  with  self-respect,  decency  and  dignity by  giving in writing the allegiance  to  the  Church
  • Think of forming  a new  Rite  with the  Catholic Church as  did the  Malankara  Catholic  Church did  along  with Mar  Evanious  long ago and  go  without  any parish  churches and the  property thereof. Here again, the  formation of  a new  Rite  is not easy unless  they  join the  with  the Rite headed by  HB Clemis.
  • The third alternative is to join the Believers Church of Rev KP Yohannan (A Pentecostal outfit) with which the Jacobite Church is very friendly for some years now. Would the believers go with that kind of Pentecostal group is the moot question?
  • There is a sociological dimension to the crisis. There are some 1500 priests who are unemployed if the verdict is implemented if an amicable settlement is not there, leading to employment crisis. Many need to find out alternative jobs. In a lighter vein, Kerala needs man power to tap the rubber trees for which labour shortage is very acute. Would the priests be forced to take up any such alternative   jobs?
  • These priests are from the Jacobite faction. Many are trained militants. They may even jeopardise the lives of the  erstwhile bishops too by resorting to criminal assault on them. Sorry holy father if sound


Attitude  of the Malankara  Orthodox Church immediately after the  SC  verdict  is  very  much  laudable  and  conciliatory save the  utterances by one  militant  bishop.

Let me summarise the speeches of the Catholicose of the Orthodox Church below.

“Bawa wishes total unity in the Church. He says no body shall make any provocative statements against the patriarch faction. We must extend our olive branch of love, comfort and consolation to them all. We shall not be ruled by emotion but only by wisdom. We must be proactive and must have patience.”


Why not I am an informal goodwill ambassador to call on you Holy Father along with these delegations?


I was  wondering as to  why not  I be invited  as  a  goodwill ambassador to the   various  discussions with  you. I know you as Metropolitian Cyril Karim and now as Patriarch Aprem II. We had  as many  as 50  plus  communications  by email and   once or twice  phone calls  courtesy  HG  Gregarious  ,   the  Synod  secretary of the  Jacobite Church when  you were  in New Delhi  last time.

I have very many good friends in both the camps here in the church. From Jacobite   group HG Gregarious, HG Thomas Themothious, and HG Dr.  Theopheliose and HG Dr.  Coorilos are my personal friends. From the Orthodox  faction HG  Dr. Thomas  Athanasius, HG  Zachariah  Nicholovos and  HG  Gheevarghese  Coorilos  of  Bombay are  my  good friends.

Personally I am from the Orthodox Church. But my allegiance is to Jesus Christ only.


It  seems  I  can do  a  good  lot  of  support in brining the much  desired  peace between the  warring factions by CBM—Confidence  Building Measures-as I have  some  skills in conflict  resolutions  techniques.

If  you plan to invite  me I must mobilise  resources   for my travel,  accommodation and  visa  etc. May be  again  if  you invite the  Orthodox  official  delegation, I need to  come  for facilitating its  smooth  conduct also  with  you  holy  father.

Please do bail me out if I sound a kind of imposing force and give me the benefit of doubt.


With respects and reverence,


Dr KM George

Former UN Adviser,

26th July, 2017.

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