Issuance of Iraqi Visa and my mental agony—torture of insult –humiliation -Embassy -New Delhi

Please do know that I have been trying for a visa to land there for the UNICEF assignment of four months right from Sept, 2018.
My first application for visa was turned down saying the medical certificate issued by an internationally respected Professor of MOSC Medical College is not acceptable to the Embassy. Instead they wanted a medical certificate from any Govt hospital in India. Normally hardly any one goes to govt hospitals in India due to the inefficiency and indifference of such hospitals in India. Yet I got it done at the hospital. But as the system of Lab was not operational they got my blood tests done by an all India respected Lab and the results were attested by the Govt hospital Pathology head with Govt seal and signature. Once it was done, it was attested by a Notary Public before it was attested by the Govt of Kerala HR Dept in Trivandrum prior to the attestation done by the Ministry of Home and External Affairs in New Delhi. Once these formalities were done, again my application was submitted to the Iraqi Embassy in New Delhi. Now they rejected my application saying that it must be got done in a government hospital in India!
I am sorry I am fed up with the visa issuance madam /sir.
Magnanimity has its own limits. After all I am not coming for not more than four months and also not for any illegal migration as India is a good enough country to live happily.
Hope you have seen my track record. I am a professional of international stature with 40 years work experience under UNDP—UNOPS—FAO -ADB etc. I worked in many countries like PNG—North Korea—Afghanistan—Rwanda—South Sudan etc. At this age and stage of professional stature I need not to be tossed by anyone including the Iraqi embassy as a favourite boy to be whipped. If they are unreasonable I may request you to look for someone else as I am not used to humiliation and insolent behaviour by any one.
Way out:
1) You may instruct the Govt and the embassy to issue me a visa based on the documents already submitted, as I am appointed by the UNICEF.
2) Alternatively arrange to issue me a passport under United Nations laissez-passer.

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