Leadership: What to Look for?

Leadership: Attitude Vs Altitude
YMCA is not ymca unless you reach out to the poor and needy
Story of Indian foreign minister in Nairobi
For successful leadership attitude is critical.
What is inside makes you discernible
Eg –helium gas filled balloon or some other gas filled balloon
• Foundation for success is attitude
• Story of David & Goliath
• Brothers said, “ he is too big to hit; David said, He is too big not to miss”.
• Same giant —different perceptions.
Tips to recognise people with positive attitude:
• Caring people
• Confident people
• Patient people
• Humble people
How to build positive attitude?
• Change focus-look for positive things
• Every person/ situation has something positive ( even a stopped clock is right twice a day)
• Negative people criticise always-they say sun shines to cast shadows- they forget their blessings & focus on troubles only.
• Make a habit of doing now.
• Live in the present and do it now.
• Will do it one of these of days—mean none of these d ays.
• Develop and attitude of gratitude-count your blessings-not troubles.
• Get into continued education programme.
• Education of the mind w/o morals creates only personality crisis.
• Education to have 5 Cs:
• 1) Character 2)Commitment, 3) Conviction;4) Courtesy & 5) Courage.
Five Senses:
1) Touch;2)Taste;3)Sight:4) Smell;5) Hearing
Successful leaders have 6th sense “Common sense-“ and it is wisdom
Wisdom is real power.
Stay away from negative people.
Winner you think, winner you will become”
A person is known by the company he keeps or avoids.
Drinking makes to shed inhibitions- and gives exhibitions.
Winning Vs Winners
Einstein had opined try not to be a man of success but values.
Winning is an event- winner is a spirit
A sure winner Olympian Lemieux has stopped his Yatch to save his competitor—though he did not win the race, he became a winner as per its spirit.
Mr Gonzales was playing to win the world title in the final game—he lost the match-yet became a winner.
One can be a winner without a medal and can be a looser with a medal, if winning is not as per integrity.
Winner do not do different things but things differently.
Old values like fairness-integrity are not obsolete- they mean the same in NY-ND -NZ
How do you rate your ethical standards?
1) Taxi fare to your place is Rs 1500—but one taxi charges you only 1200?
2) Your best friend seriously ill—Rs 50 lakhs
3) Bus fare to Ekm Rs 75—returns 425?
Mom Test—Child test?
Greed—Fear—Pressure affect our value system.