Let me extend to you my personal belated New Year Greetings Holy Father.


Greetings and Prayers to Your Holiness,

Let me   extend to you   my personal belated New Year Greetings Holy Father.

  1. Hope  Holy Father do recall me  very  vividly as  I had interacted  with  you  since July 2017 on very many  occasions  asking  for  your  heroic intervention  to bring about lasting  peace in  the Indian Church.  Your  holiness  said very recently  that we   Christians  must  use  prayer  as  our  first and last resort  to  get  done   anything  and everything.  My special   compliments to you for harking on that point unambiguously many times.  But  our  people  used  the  legal  system,  when  the divine  glory  departed  from  our  church.  What a pity!  What an anti testimony for Christians!
  2. Finally  as  luck  would have  it,   we are  forced to  turn to  God  to  ask    His  counsel  for saving our  face without  losing  our  image—yes human and  divine image!  The ways of the Lord are very mysterious.
  3. It is  very  rare  to have  a dignified  bench  of  highly  divergent  and  well informed  and  God fearing  judges  from  the major  religions  in India  to  study  and  dispose of our  church  litigations  in the  supreme court  of India  from time  to time.
  4. The crux of the issue is very simple and straight forward. The  Apex  Court of India  has said that  the only way out  is to accept the  1934  constitution  and the  3rd July  2017  verdict  to  establish  lasting peace  in Malankara.
  5.  Please do  recall  my  former  letters to  you numbering  79 harping on  the same  points  time and  again. Holy Father there is no way out in the long run. This is the only   choice available to us and to accept it gracefully. It is based on prudence for everyone who is a law abiding citizen of India and   for any civilized person.
  6. I am sorry  immediately after   your last  visit to India  we   fell out as   your  holiness  was not  heeding  my  most  sincere  advice   for peace due  to  many  extraneous    factors. I am sorry for being rough, rude and tough on your holiness.
  7. Please do recall that age wise I am 74 and   your holiness is much younger to me. But being  my  spiritual  father  you are in  a  much   elated and elevated  position  Holy Father. Hence I salute and kiss your hand holy father.
  8. You did succumb to pressure tactics designed by our friends last time in India. They did   succeed in manipulating you to some extent.
  9. Even the Orthodox Catholicose is a whimsical, immature and uninitiated diplomat leave alone a practical ply mat, man conditioned   by his right hand adviser bishop Mathews Saverious.   The synod secretary is not a proactive person either. They are worse than terrorists, when it comes to peace and reunification of the Malankara Church for a better tomorrow of Christian witnessing.
  10. There are very many sane voices among the Orthodox faction including the senior bishops, priests and   the laity as we have very many well meaning and peace loving people among the Jacobites too.
  11. If  you shy away  from this  mission now, let me warn  you again  in advance  that after the  demise  of   HB Thomas the First,  the    Jacobites  would  disintegrate into  splinter  groups leading  to  anarchy resulting in  its final destruction.  Can you afford it to happen as the head of the Church?
  12. Your task is to plan to harness such group synergy and dynamism for better a tomorrow. As I said  earlier  too,  you must  get  a place in the  annals of Church  history as  the  Patriarch  who  brought  lasting  peace  in Malankara  on account of  better  understanding, perceptional  skills  and  exposure  compared  to  your  predecessors.
  13. There is no time to waste. Time wasted is opportunity missed. Time and tide wait for none; let us recall the old axiom. Competence without credibility is liability; zeal without knowledge is dangerous. We can fool all for a while, some for   some time but a few for all the time. Now  with  the  emergence  of the  modern  social media and  the   material  wellbeing,  people are fed up  with  the parasites  like  priests and  bishops and  their  clan  in general. They are all subjected to social audit every day, Holy Father. We still tolerate them on account of our cultural ethos inherited   from their   fore fathers, Holy Father.
  14. If  you declare  openly that  the  Holy Church  accepts  the  Supreme  court  verdicts and the  1934  constitution,  the Orthodox  leadership  would  feel that  the  tables are turned over them  and  you get  them  to sit around to  discuss the reunification modalities  in its  fine  tuning  details. This must be a master stroke Holy Father.   Holy Father, hope you would muster courage of conviction to take this stand!
  15. If  we  miss this  golden opportunity,  the  future of  the  Jacobite  faction in India is very bleak  with its  final disintegration as it may  go to oblivion. We cannot afford that to happen as we are the   salt of the earth. Is this bleak situation nothing for you Holy Father? Do  you want  to be a  spiritual  world leader  and  emperor of the   Syraic  Church  without  the  erstwhile   empire remain intact  in India? What is happening in Syria is another story. Please recall the observations of the   apex court   that your spiritual jurisdiction is at a vanishing point?
  16. Better  you  privately  engage  both HG Dr Thomas  Athanasius   and  HG  Joseph Gregarious  to  do the  ground  work  very informally  to  develop  the road map for  unity  with  all its  details.
  17. If  you make the mistake  of appointing  another Catholicose  or  Mapriyano  for  Malankara,  it is a sure  recipe  for  the  fast disintegration  of the  Jacobite  faction here  for  good.
  18. If  you  move  your  cards  carefully and  strategically ,  we  can make HG Joseph Gregorious    the  Catholicose in waiting for the  reunified  Church. You need to be proactive, sagacious, prudent and well connected with the right people at the right time. It   should not later become a cry in the wilderness.
  19. Last time  your holiness did not oblige  me to host  you with  some  selected invited  people to  our  NGO—Sustainable Development Forum-which is  headed  by  Hon Justice Dr  K  Narayana Kurup  ,  a Hindu. This  time in May 2019 ,if   your holiness is  visiting  India, again  we invite  you  to  spare  some    four  hours  with us   form  4 to  8  pm to  an open air  function to address  our members on Peace, Justice and Development  as  you perceive in the  light  of  the Agenda  2030  of  the  UN. It is a secular   forum. From  your  team  we  do invite only  10  people including  your holiness as  we  have  a limitation  to invite not  more than  100  people for this  special session followed by  a  pure vegetarian  dinner. Our list of invitees   may  be from  secular  background  with the  inclusion of  some  Orthodox  Bishops  who  visited   you in Beirut and   a few  Jacobite bishops  who are  our   SDF  friends.
  20. A line in reply is appreciated.
  21. But  I am  sending a copy of  this mail to  your  secretary   Rev Joseph  Bali   who is my  personal friend (  my  friend  only  on account of my very many letters  to  you  holy  father),    as well as  to  HG   Joseph Gregorious   and  HG Dr Thomas  Athanasius of Muvattupuzha  for their kind  follow up, should   you  like  them to  facilitate  the  way  forward.
  22. I do request all to keep it top confidential.
  23. I do beseech and request your considered reply for certain, Holy Father.
  24. With Greetings, Prayers and Best Wishes.
  25.  Kissing your hand, your spiritual son   Dr George Mathai.

Dr KM George—Former UN Advisor

+91 99 476 70 887; email Melmana@gmail.com

24th Jan, 2019.

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