Letter to Patriarch of Syrian Orthodox Church

Holy Father,

 (Patriarch of Syrian Orthodox Church)

Greetings and prayers.

It seems that I may sound more of a nuisance with regard to the Malankara Church peace Mission!

Kindly bail me  out  holy father as  my  zeal  for  my  Church is consuming me.

Let me state again one cardinal thing that together we form the garden. Let us strive to run the extra mile for peace that too lasting peace here among the warring brethren.

Please do recall  that   between inclusiveness  and exclusiveness,  we must  choose  the  former  for better   witness as   you may recall  the  great  visit  of  HH Pope  to  Germany   recently o  partake in the  500 th  year  celebrations  of  Martin Luther– a  sort of  pilgrimage  according  to  HH  Pope.

Also please be reminded that Eucharist after Eucharist, we do under go spiritual circumcision of our heart.

I urge  and  appeal that   it is  time for  you to act  decisively  to balm the  wounds and  to reunite  the  body  of Christ  in Malankara please.

May I pray for an acknowledgement email please?

Dr KM George

31st July.

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