Millets : From Potential to prosperity

2023 is the  IYOM—FAO—UN—

Millets are  packed  with  high quality  nutrients.

 It is  critical  as  there are  800 million people   malnourished  in the  world and in India  200 million  are under malnutrition.

Millets  are  small   coarse  grains  from  grass  and in India it  was there  for  some  5000  years ago. Now  130  countries  grow millets.

It is staple  diet  to 500 million people in Africa  and Asia.

India  produces  roughly   20 million  tons of millets annually. Total world production is  around 30 million tonnes.

Major  millets  growing nations are India—Nigeria, Niger—China—Mali-Burkina  Faso—Sudan—Ethiopia—Chad  and  Senegal.

Major millets grown in India are—Pearl millets  or  Bajara;—Sorghum ( Jowar)  & Finger millet ( Ragi)

Some   names  in Malayalam  are

Little millets or  Chama

Foxtail millet or  Tina

Kodo Millet or  Varagu

Finger millet  or Ragi

Pearl millet or Bajara

Jowar  or Manicholam

Barnyard or Kuthirivali

Major millets  growing states are:

Rajasthan; Karnataka; Maharashtra; UP; Haryana; Gujarat; MP;  TN; AP; Jharkhand

There  are  positive millets and  neutral millets-& negative grains

Positive millets  are :

Foxtail  –Thina

Kodo–  Varagu

Barnyard  –Kuthrivali

Brown top—American millet

Little millet  or  Chama

Health Benefits  of millets

Foxtail ( Thina)—Nerve tonic; Fighting  Epilepsy;  fighting   Parkinson’s;  relief from Arthritis

Kodo millets—( Waragu)—-Cleaning blood  impurities;  fighting  anemia; eases  constipation;  helps  insomnia; diabetes; urinary  infections.

Barnyard Millets—– ( Kutriravali)—Boosts  liver function; Kidney   helper ; Reduces  LDL  Cholesterol; Boosts endocranial  glands.

Little  Millets  —Chamma—-  Helps in solving  infertility and  eases  uterus  functions.

 Brown to Millets—American millets—Very  good for  eyes;  reducing  obesity; hypertension; digestive  disorders; arthritis.

Besides  generally ragi, chama (little millet), thina (foxtail millet), varagu (kodo millet), panivaragu (proso millet), manicholam (sorghum), kambu (bajra) and kuthiravali (barnyard millet) are cultivated.

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