No Health Without Mental Health

Dear Patrons and Members,

The next seminar is scheduled to be held as per the above details. The keynote speaker is the famous psychiatrist Dr. CJ John. He is an acclaimed environmentalist , writer and columnist, apart being a psychiatrist. He is an intellectual trend setter in Kerala and a leading thinker, when it comes to current issues facing the Kerala psyche—social—political and economic!

As you all know we are here. “to know and proclaim , not to argue and win.”

Please keep the date of 19th Sunday May from 4 to 6.30 PM to hear this much wanted keynote speaker—Dr. JOHN.

Please be on your seats by 3.45, so that we begin as usual at the dot of 4 PM.

Dr. KPP Nambiar
Dr. TA Varkey
Dr. PO Abraham
Dr. K M George
Mr. Jacob Thumpayil
4th May 2024

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