Open Letter to My Catholicose-Malankara Orthodox Church

Open Letter  to  HH  Bava  dated  6th  Oct

Open Letter to My Catholicose-Malankara  Orthodox  Church

Dear Your Holiness– Bava Thirumeni,

Most  respected  Bava  Thirumeni  is  a great man  of  honour  and  I do  adore   you  as a man of  God ..Amen.

  • After the historic verdict  of  3rd  July 2017,  you  were making  much  dignified  and  decent  statements  of  reconciliation  and  reunification as  a model  Christian leader of  admirable  qualities of head and  heart coupled  with   amazing  spiritual disposition. I did  point it  out  to many including  HH Patriarch  many  a time as  my own  strength  in presenting my own Catholicose. Alas  you now  speak like spiritual terrorist  without  any historical  insight of  Indian  freedom  struggle or   logic or  Your  most notorious  Parumala  address  was the  worst  testimony  of  your mindset towards  the  peace  process. What has happened to your own thinking process!?  You  do not  simply represent   a  family  or  a  parish church, but  you are the  spiritual head  of the  Indian Orthodox Church having  some  two million  believers. Again please do   look back in a flash back to   see as who all sat on the chair where you   sit now. Giants like Vattassery Thirumeni, Gheevarghese  Bava,  Mathews  Bava  ,etc  were adoring this  seat  with admirable  adoration and  grace  even  to   critics. Why is that   you are lowering its   status by playing in the hands of the enemies of peace, reconciliation and reunification?
  • Two most unfortunate incidents I may point out as your blunders or rated stupidities with due respect Holy Father. One was your triumphant  entry  under the  cover of darkens  to the  Varikoli  parish  church even  without  taking any  body in confidence  from the concerned  diocese including  its bishop, but was  well organised   with the  connivance  of  many  others from south of Kerala, Ernakulum  As  luck would  have it, you  had a narrow  escape  when some good  people  whom you never  took  in confidence  appealed  to the  Hon Chief  Minister’s  office  to come to  your  rescue! The second was the most notorious   address or speech at Parumala. Even third rate politicians would shy away from such   historically incorrect and fallacious data presentation. What was the   compulsion for you to do the above   two acts of heroism? What is that you are driving to prove Holy Father?
  • If you do not want peace and reconciliation after the 3d July court verdict, keep saying it clearly. Why to keep doing such stupidities one after the other? If you want to discredit the two bishops  who  visited  HH Patriarch, better  tell them  on  their face and the  whole  world that   you  do not stand  for  peace at
  • It is said that the elephant has two sets of teeth—one to show to outside world and the other to chew. Similarly from 3rd July  you were very  soft  and  bit  Christian like for  a while  when  talking about  peace and  unity  till the  Varikoli and  Parumala incidents. Now only the clear image is widely known to the ordinary people with commonsense!
  • I am at total loss to  see that after the  visit of  the two  proactive  bishops  to  HH Patriarch, why the  leadership in the  church—bishops,  clergy and  laity—very  apathetic to peace. ? Even the proactive Jacobite pro-peace groups have   gone into hibernation or they feel that you are not a trust worthy person as well.
  • The Jacobite church was in total disarray after 3rd July. But you did give them much  needed  energy to  rally behind  the leadership who  seek separation and to  perpetuate a regime of self  seekers to loot  the   gullible
  • Instead of engaging in confidence building measures (CBMs), you are systematically de-marketing it and alienating even the orthodox believers.  I  urge  and  appeal that    you may  see reason and  the writing on the  wall holy  father lest  posterity  would take   you very unkindly.
  • Out of 27 bishops from the Orthodox Church, may be only a few are against the peace process. You should not play in their hands. Act like a statesman seeking good  advice  from the  elected  representatives  of the  church and even from the opinion leaders if   you  could trust anyone.!!
  • Out of 33  bishops of the Jacobite  Church, after  accounting  for  the  Kanayaa Sabha and  Sihmasana Churches and  Paurasthaya  Suvisaha  Samajam etc, hardly 20  are   there  to be discussed   for  future  I am sure   your aim must be to engage them positively and   rationally, not with any fear psychosis.
  • It is high time again to put  your  fuller  energy  and  prayers to bring  in lasting peace  with malice to none and   good will and  dignity to  one  and all. If you are driven by Holy Spirit, let us be proactive till we achieve peace and reconciliation Holy Father.  I am sure  my most respected  Bava  Thirumeni  would  never want  to be judged  by  future  generations as an ambassador of anti-peace  ,  anti- Christian witness and the  one  who  squandered   a  God  given  rare  opportunity  for  peace and reconciliation!!

With reverence and respects,

By Kissing your Holy Ring,

Your spiritual son,

Dr KM George

6th  Oct 2017.


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