Peace Letter to HH Catholicose No. 39/Oct/ 2017

Most Respected Bava Thirumeni,

1.1 Please know, again, that I am Dr KM George, a member of the Orthodox Church and a very senior professional.  I am a former UN Advisor and belong to Ooramana near Muvattupuzha. Currently I am heading the SDF—Sustainable Development   Forum. Our patron is Hon Justice Dr.  Narayana Kurup.  We have organised some 105 seminars since 1998 at Mel Mana Gardens on various    issues of thematic importance. Our  speakers, among others,  included Dr  Prem Nair  of  Amrita Medical College; Dr. K Kannan  -Director  of  ADB, Manila; Air  Marshal Dr  Madhudusdanan, our  lamented  Dr Osthathious; Shri  PJ Joseph former  Minsiter, Rev Dr.  Abraham Mulamootil, Dr MP Mathai, HG Dr. Thomas Athanasius, Prof Satcha Stone, etc to mention a few stalwarts. We are non political and non religious in our approach and outlook and supported by our own members only. Our motto is to “know and proclaim, not to argue and win”.

2.1 We are here to bring about awareness to the rural masses and communities on various issues that are of interest to our day to day lives. We get  about  100  participants for each seminar  and we  meet  at 4 pm on  the  last  Sunday  of  every month at Mel Mana  Gardens, overlooking the  Muvattupuzha  River.

3.1 Last year in November our  regular Dr  Palouse Gregorios memorial oration was delivered by  arch bishop  Dr Thomas  Koorilos  form Tiruvalla. During the previous years, we had very many eminent speakers to deliver   these memorial lectures like the lamented Dr Osthathious, Rev Dr Johns Abraham Konat, Dr MP Mathai, HG Dr Thomas Athanasius, etc.

3.2 Please do recall that I did invite you in person in Devalokam to deliver such a memorial lecture and you did happily agree to do so. However, subsequently, you did shy away due to certain subjective reasons or considerations. Later  I  did understand  that someone  very  close  to  you—one  bishop—has  reportedly poisoned   your mind  by saying  that  it is  a kind  of  Ghostyy-Koshty going on here under  the  name  of seminars! We both know very well as to who is that bishop!!!

4.1 Incidentally one of our Supreme Court advocates, MT George is a cousin of my wife- Dr Isabella George. He  has been briefing me about the   trend  of the  case as  well as  the  dinner  you  were hosting  for  him and his wife  Susy George.

5.1 I am personal friend of HH Patriarch right from the days of his being a Metropoitlian—Cyril. We had good days and bad days as patriarch and if you care to see my website, it is all there. I do seldom spare to call a spade and spade when it comes to clash with my core beliefs. Since  3rd  July I did send  him some 65  emails urging and  appealing  him to  come  to reconciliation and  reunification and most  of my emails were  replied  either  by him or  his  secretary one  Rev Bali  Ramaban.

5.2 Sadly from  your end neither  you did  acknowledge  nor  reply any of my emails, may be  you are too  busy  or  you  felt  that I am worthless  to be  acknowledged. Yet my zeal for my Church has been consuming me. Hence even this letter please.

5.3 I knew you as Paul achen and our Great March days! My family friend Dr Sunny Pariyaram of Bombay may come to our rescue, if you do not recall me that well. My school mates Dr MP Mathai and Rev Palouse Peter of NY (Former UN) may introduce me dispassionately. I am friends  with many of the bishops of the Orthodox Church and Jacobite  church alike. Babu  thirumnei (  KT Thomas  tuned Chenganoor  Athanasius,)  and  many of   your illustrious  predecessors  like Gheevarghese  the  second, Mathews the  first and  second were known to me as I was  very active in the  MGOCSM.I was  friends  with Palouse Gregorios,  Philiopse  Theophilous, Philiopse Eusobeous etc  to mention a few luminaries  of the  MGOCSM.

6.1  I  wonder if  you would come and  address any  of  our future   seminars on a topic  of World  Peace in the light of the  UN mandate of  SDGs. ! 

Peace in Malankara Church—Loud Thinking to be Proactive.

7.1 It is a golden opportunity that you got now to bring in lasting peace through reunification. You do require a holistic approach by sacrificing perceptional disabilities. Your initial reactions  and responses  after  3rd  July were very  good and was even  acknowledged by the  civil society as  well as  HH Patriarch! I did market you very well to the Patriarch based on your tone. But subsequently you were found wanting and even betraying   your own credibility -from an inclusive peace lover to that of a strong spokesperson of anti peace movement. You need an urgent introspection about your advisors and the company that you keep.

7.2 The impression that I gathered from the German meeting was that HH Patriarch just ignored you totally, while Fr KM George and metropolitan Nicholoves were given space to   meet him for interactions! This does not speak well of you as head of the Malankara Church Holy Father.

7.3 There is no point in waging any shadow boxing as   you are the victor. In victory you can afford to be and must be magnanimous with humility and modesty as   your   sole aim must be to include the marginalised and prosper.

7.4  Let me  hasten to add  that there is  some  sinister  designs  in operation even among  our top leaders to discredit  Dr Thomas Athanasius. These schemers  know jolly well that  if  reconciliation and  unity comes into being,  with  little over  60  parish churches  and a sizable  chunk of the  Jacobite  population ( half a million people  support) in Kandanad East  Diocese, Dr  Athanasius  would become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with in deciding the  fate of  the Malankara Church. It is therefore, imperative for them that unity should never take place for their own sordid vested interests to suit their sadistic pleasures.

7.5 You need to assume the status of a father figure, as head of the   Church in Malankara. There  are   very many  good  talents  among  the  bishops that  you  got in your team and  you must make  use  of them as  a  good manger. You must not compete with them under any pressure of complexes of the coteries. Micro management is not your concern please. 

7.6 Let us face it fairly and squarely that your Varikoli and Parumala performances did demarket you even among the moderates in the church. You are no more and should not be   the old Paul achen. But   you are the head of the Indian Orthodox Church Holy Father. You need to grow up in stature, perception, self esteem and outlook.

7.7 As it will be a historical blunder if you squander this God given opportunity, please awake and arise Holy Father.

7.8 Please do know that some 99 per cent of the Malankara Church wants peace and reunification.  Sadly the leadership from the Jacobite faction is nonresponsive to any unity call! In fact, they should have been more proactive being the most affected ones due to the 2017 verdict. Only a few who want to wield power, positions and money power are the enemies of unity. This microscopic minority are to be identified as enemies of peace and even enemies of the civil society. They only use the social media to create unrest and confrontations under the guise of faith—true   faith, etc. Only those who have business interest out of church litigations are the enemies of peace. They have much to lose if unity takes place. They are wolves in the costume of   sheep.

8.0 You need to follow up and get done the Holy Synod decisions like:

8.1 Initiation of the implementation process of the court verdict by the state government.

8.2 Initiation of   dialogue with the Jacobite faction.

8.3 Follow up action visit to HH Patriarch after the Lebanon contacts by   your good will ambassadors.

8.4  What kind of  adherence made about the  synod  decisions  about  building bridges with the Jacobite faction  in the form of  Confidence   Building Measures (  CBMs).

8.5  Have   we got any road maps prepared for  reconciliation and reunification based on the  1934  constitution and the  July  verdict  of the  apex  court?

9.1 Diplomacy is the only way forward if we want any inclusive peace   agreement with malice to none and good will   to all. We must be in a win –win situation. The right balance between thinking and doing must be perceived—must bend towards doing more critically.

10.1  We must send  an official  delegation including  elected  and  non elected  members  to call on HH Patriarch in response to his letter to prove to the world that we too are  Christians with  witness.!

Dr KM George,

30th Oct, 2017.

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