Policy Conclave

There is   great news.

The  mini conclave  of the  Orthodox  bishops  of  India held  at  Koratty near  Alwaye gave  a  clarion call    for unity  closely on the heels of the  supreme court  verdict of  3rd  July.

It went on record  that all are  encouraged  to  come under  the  common plat forum of  the  Indian Orthodox  Church by  accepting  the  1934  constitution and embracing  the  essence of  2017  verdict.

All will be treated with honour and dignity. And no vengeance what so ever will be met out to any one!!

It was attended by the Metropolitans of   the dioceses of Kochi, Angamaly, Kandanad and Trichur.

Incidentally it may be noted that the church has got a critical mass of Jacobite   believers from the above areas.

Again  it  was  pointed  out that there  is a  discernible shift  among  the masses to  accept the  verdict  from  the  Jacobite  folks as  cemetery is very sentimental to most!

Independent researchers have confirmed the above claim too objectively.


Hope this  may help  you Holy Father in firming  up  your  strategy  while the  five  Jacobite  bishops  meet  with  you on  7th  Aug.

Dr KM George

31st  July.

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