Policy Letter to Synod Secretary

Dear Your Grace,


Good morning and good tidings of the Karkadaka Masam (Karkakda Month)!


I did not get your SMS to be very honest.


I am now in Ayurveda at Uzhavoor as   you did visit me last year.


Regarding Church Cases,


I am disappointed, frustrated and heartbroken as the wonderful opportunity is being squandered by the Patriarch faction, despite my honest and earnest efforts right from the day of the verdict.


Even the  media  briefing  after the  synod at Puthencruz by  my  neighbour  Theopheliose  was    more of a belligerent approach. The  meetings  at Manarcad where  Coorilos  was  speaking like a  terrorist was not  expected  at this   juncture, particularly  when  he  is the  KCC  president!


Even  Bawa was making sarcastic and  vulgar  comments on  Kottayam Bawa in the  open   public meeting when he referred  to  Devalokam  as  ….(unprintable  words..)..  etc–etc..What are we trying to prove and achieve in this process of name calling and instigating the gullible   people.


Please  do recall  our  proposed meeting  with a very  senior bishop of the Orthodox  Church after  your  synod. It  was  called off  by  that bishop  due to this sort of belligerent  stance  taken  by  your   faction!

Let us face reality dear   your grace. Compromise is godly. Reconciliation is the best way forward.


To be very   frank to accommodate all our bishops in a untied Orthodox Church is a big challenge.


But Thomas Bawa  would  get  a  very  decent and memorable  welcome and  fair well God  willing when  he  goes  to heaven in a united  Church.

I know that a bishop like Mathews Saverious of Kandanad West is an impossible person to deal with. They also know this and as such he is unacceptable to many in the Orthodox Church too.


How was   your meeting with Orthodox Synod Secretary at Kottayam? You could have consulted me before that meeting. He is totally incompetent to take any decisions unlike   you as   Synod Secretary in this matter.


Way Forward

1)  The  Patriarch  faction to  appeal to HH  Patriarch  in  a unanimous  resolution to come to the  rescue to  resolve the  crisis by  taking  initiatives ASAP.

2) Your  faction to  appeal to Hon Kerala  CM  to  help  solve the  issues  within the  frame  work of  Supreme Court  verdict.


3) Alternatively let   your  leaders  approach  the Orthodox  Church  directly by  calling  on  HH  Catholicose at  Devalokam .( I can facilitate  such  a meeting  please.).


If we delay am afraid, things may go out of our hands. Again   we cannot gather or muster many terrorists any more unlike we had too many in the past.


Better identify a few experts form your   faction who are good at Conflict Resolution Methodologies to bring in lasting peace.

Legally there is no scope for any relief from this verdict, what so ever.


Better part of valour is discretion!  Better said,  discretion is better  part of valour!!


Why not opt  for prudence  and  discretion  your  grace  to be better  Christians  with  good  witness!



Yours most sincerely,


Dr KM George

President and CEO of Sustainable Devotement Forum

Email:  melmana@gmail.com

+91 99 47 67 08 87

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