Political Polarizition: imperatives for BJP in Kerala – Alliance Options

Shri  Vellappally Natesan,

SNDP General Secretary,

Attention: Shri. Tushar Vellapally

Good to see that you are getting on with the right momentum in connection with the formation of a political party under the aegis of SNDP. I must   congratulate your team to take such a bold initiative. Good that you met with Hon PM and Shri Amit Shah too New Delhi on 1st Oct.

My name is Dr K M George . I was  working for  nearly 45 years in India  and  abroad as an expert / advisor with various   governments, UNDP—UNOPS,FAO-ADB etc.;  worked in  Afghanistan,  Papua New Guinea, North Korea and  Rwanda; interacted  with 450,000  poor from 6500  villages. My own PhD thesis is on Micro Finance. I have 55 M&E Reports and 95 papers as published work to my credit.

I have had attended and or chaired some 5000 conferences and seminars.

Now may I tender some suggestions, though unsolicited, in connection with your political party formation?

  1. Like the AAP in Delhi, you may consult all your Yogam branches in special meetings to ensure the local support for this initiative. People’s participation is of paramount importance in making you ride on the victory wave.
  2. As large  number of your Ezhava community  are fellow  travellers of communist ideology,  you need to conduct  special  study classes in the  branches under the banner of microfinance lending to empower them both   politically and
  3. As Guru Devan had mentioned, reiterate again to everyone, you are not here to “argue and win” but “to seek and proclaim”—a political philosophy to empower one and all with transparency and good governance.
  4. Rope in all communities like the Pulayas, Parayas, Nadars, Dalit Christians, Namboothris, fisher men community, converted christians and all those who want a change to better their lot since independence.
  5. Appoint a core  group to draft  your action  plan – manifesto-  a plan for salvaging Kerala from the  clutches of  both  UDF &LDF and  to make  Kerala  a corruption free state with resilience to welcome investors unlike the present  Kerala –Gods  country-managed by  devils own
  6. A strategy  must be  worked  out to  win over  all floating voters and the youth  with the  charisma of  Shri  Natessan along  with  political  acumen of Shri Amit Shah, so that  a total polarisation takes  place in Kerala and  Shri Nattessan   would  rule  Kerala  for a decade  with good  governance and
  7. Please make sure that your vehicle of special and economic transformation is micro finance to reach out to the millions in Kerala. Why not invite Nobel laureate Prof Yuns from Bangladesh to Kerala for a summit of Micro Finance soon before next assembly elections. If you want to help to  get an erstwhile  ADB  Director  form Malaysia, who  did  yeomen  work  in  micro financing many  Asian countries., it  can be arranged. He is a settled in Malaysia but his parents were   from Kerala -Mr Kannan form Malabar region.
  8. Make use of social networks like internet and face book to your maximum advantage as it is done by AAP and Hon PM Shri Modi.
  9. Identify a core group of potential leaders from within and train them to be future ministers with sagacity and ground reality as their guiding principles to be proactive men and women.
  10. Facilitate and ensure  smooth functional relations with local BJP and   make  sure they  won’t  dictate terms  to  SNDP as  you deal  only  with Shri Amit Shah.



With greetings and best wishes,


Dr KM George
Melmana@gmail.com;91 9947 67 0887,
( www.drkmgeorge.com)

3rd Oct 2015


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