Rejection of Visa Application to take up a UNICEF assignment in Iraq for four months by the embassy in New Delhi

  1. Please  know that  I am Dr  KM George a former UNDP—UNOPS—FAO—ADB practitioner with  45  years  work  experience in 7500  villages  and  with  nearly  one million stake  holders in India, PNG, North Korea, Afghanistan, Rwanda and  South  Sudan.
  2. I was  selected  purely on merit  by the  UNICEF  in Iraq to  study the  impact  of  School Based Management  intervention  jointly   implemented by the  Ministry  of  Education and  UNICEF for  a period of  four  months. I did  agree to the  TOR  and the least  fees  offered by  UNICEF, as I am not out there to make  money   at my age of  75 years , despite  I am  internationally  invited  to take  up  assignments  of my  choice.
  3. I was tempted to accept  the offer  in Iraq as  a  personal  friend  plus  fan of the  PM  there in Iraq plus being  an Orthodox  Christian,  wanted to  see  for myself the early  citadels  of early Christianity  there  like Babylon and Mesopotamia  during this  four  months  sojourn in Iraq as I was  required to  visit  all the provinces   officially.
  4. I did  submit  all the travel documents  required  for the  issuance of  visa to the  embassy In New Delhi through my  travel planner. Initially  for   proof of   good health  I did  submit  a  certificate   form  a  very reputed  Medical  College  run by the Christians .But It was  declined  by the  embassy  sating that  they want  only  a  certificate  from  a  Government  hospital. Again I  underwent  the same drill  to get the  medicals done .But most  government  hospitals as do not have  the latest internationally accepted lab testing   standards , they  get it done  by mandated  reputed private  medical  labs and the certificates  are  duly  attested by the  govt  hospital  doctors under the  common seal, signature and  stamp. Please  do know that  regular  tests, plus  Hepatitis  B  and C;  Malaria and  HIV  were  done and  all  were  found normal for  a man of  75!
  5. Yet on very  flimsy  grounds, my  Visa  application  was  rejected  by the  embassy as the  tests were not done in Govt  hospital lab to my  utter dismay  sir!
  6. If you want I can resubmit all my rejected papers and passport. As the old saying goes, “once bitten twice shy”, even if    a diplomatic visa if offered to visit Iraq, am afraid that I may not avail it  any more  as  my self  esteem is  badly  bruised  beyond  repairs  your  Excellency.
  7. I too have my own self-esteem sir. Beggars are  no choosers, but  in my  case  I am not  a beggar to  come  to visit Iraq  as India is  a good enough  nation  to  live on   please. Let me  add  that  I had been to  60  countries   and always  came  back to my country  to   settle down with  dignity  and self respect.
  8. I am deeply hurt by the insolent and undiplomatic treatment meted out by your embassy India – New Delhi.
  9. I wish  you  a  wonderful  2019  with  a  change of mind set  for  your  embassy staff at least  to discern between   genuine people and  terrorists at least your  Excellency.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr KM George,

30th Dec, 2018.

PS Attached is a copy of my previous letter to your Hon PM for perusal.

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