Samwarthika  Ayurveda  Centre  of  Rejuvenation  Excellence


Dear Director and   the Team,

1)    At the very outset let me thank you  all , for  rendering   excellent help  in  rejuvenating me with  the  exactness and precision of Herbal  therapy.

2)    Please  do know I  came with  some  doubts about  your  skills and  competence. But now  I am returning  as a reassured  person of   your  courteous  behavior and  competency.

3)    I  feel I was  accorded  a VVIP  status right  from the  first day in your approach and treatments.  Hope you give  this same  treatments  to  one and all.

4)    Your  team  of   doctors  are  good. The therapists are well trained and  highly motivated  men of rich experience, who  consider  work  as  worship.  Good on getting such  young  men  of  dedication and  commitment.

5)    Your hospital food  is  both  nutritious   and  wholesome, though  I did not eat many times  as I was coming from my  own home  every day.

6)    Neatness and  cleanliness    must be  given full marks as I found it  very  clean ,based on my  past  experience  of  30  years   with  other  very   reputed  herbal  rejuvenation  centers  like  Kottakkal, Shantigiri, Nangelil, Paruthuvelil,  etc.

7)    I place on record  my  special  appreciation  for  Mr  MN Satheesh  –my  guru – in motivating  me to  come to  your  place , as I was  planning this  time  Pattarumadam.  Mr  Thomas Mathew—Mathaikutty  chettan – is  another  source  of  confidence  building   for my  visit  to  your  place. Same holds  good  for  TK  sir.

8)    It  seems  a few of my  friends  who trust me are  likely to make  use of  your center  of  excellence. Kindly  give  them the very   best   for the  confidence that  they repose in me.

9)      I  did  observe  that  your  General Manger  Mr.  Mohan    and   you  along  with the  your  full team are struggling to  make the  Centre  viable  despite  the  recent  global  pandemic. I wish and pray that God may goad you  to soldier  on with  your  mission  on  wellness with  dedication and  a re-dedicated   vision.

Dr.  KM George

Former UN Advisor,

+91 994 7670 887

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