Shame on Agriculture Ministry to backtrack on demonetisation report

Indian agriculture is a gamble in the monsoons. Surely the ministry is worse than a gamble, when
it comes to double standards of its policy pronouncements. The Hindu news dated 28 Nov is the
classic example to cite of late.
Unless otherwise proved empirically after conducting a national sample study on the impact of
demonetisation on the primary sector, the reported stand of the Secretary Mr Agarwal is only
an eye wash to curry favour with the current regime. It is a pity that he has decided to sacrifice
two directors for an earlier report. When he says there were compilation errors in the earlier
report is too flimsy a ground for any seasoned policy watcher on India.
Mr V Moiley and his team must take the secretary to task for such casual approach to hoodwink
the poor farmers to suit the sinister designs of the higher ups.
I am willing to volunteer a nationwide sample study to bring out the true impact of
demonetisation in relation to the primary sector.

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