Swami Vivekananda: National Youth Day:


Sardar KM Panikkar says, “This New Shanracharyya is the unifier of Hinduism and India”.

– Nehru, “A bridge between past & present” “A tonic to the depressed & demoralised Hindu mind”

–  Netajee Bose, “Harmonised the E& W; Science & religion; past & present”


Born in Jan 1863 in Calcutta to a very rich family- died 4th July 1902.

Narendra Nath Dutta was brilliant student of philosophy.

Calcutta University.

Spiritual crisis: “Sir have you seen God” Nov 1881 to Sri Ramakrishna?

Yes as I do see you.

1890 set out to perceive India- discovery of India;

Discovered real and rural India.

Poverty was rampant

Came to the conclusion that:

  • Paramount important is to impart secular knowledge to improve eco conditions.
  • Spiritual knowledge to improve moral strength.

Set up Ramakrishna Mission to spread education: to empower the poor.

-1893 attended the Parliament of Religions in America. Where he said, Religion is the science of consciousness.

3 years more in Europe & USA.

New principle of Morality:

Love is the new principle of morality.

All Vedanta truth is summarised in love.

Not due to fear police; shame of the public; Gods punishment, etc.

But purity is our own nature; because we are part of the “Par-atma”.

To be pure & to do good to others is worship.


Can we try to imbibe this new morality?


May I compliment the temple protection congregation for taking such an unorthodox step?

Your challenge is great. Hope you will respond to it positively?

Look at the statistics of liquor consumption during the last 15 days in Kerala; Rs 28 Crores on Xmas eve and Rs 30 crores on new year eve. During the 9 months of this financial year, Rs 4000 crores worth liquor was sold out in Kerala- where are we heading?

Results are far reaching.

Let us take the words of a social reformer like Swami Vivekananda to create awareness among our youth.

  • Would you organise at least two awareness camps in each temple during 2010?
  • I offer my service free of cost to help these awareness camps.
  • Let us up keep the divinity of human soul as Swamijee said – our Atman.


May God bless you richly and in abundance? I wish you all a happy New Year.

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you all.


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