Tips for Action Strategy—Confidence Building(CBS)

  • Including Bawa  no  senior  leaders  of the   church  make  any  provocative  statements  against the Jacobites  as  a  matter of policy.
  • At no  stag e  no  one  would  speak  ill of  Patriarch   or  question  his  spiritual  authority
  • Use all channels of diplomacy to bring in lasting peace.
  • No firm offers to be made to any one – to make successor to the
  • Plan a  decorative  position for  HB  Thomas  Bawa  and   for   his  useful  senior
  • Prevail up on KCC to contain Coorilos its president.
  • Use our good will relations in Kottayam to influence Dr Theopheliose of Ooramana.
  • Most of the younger and  ambitious  bishops  of   the Jacobite   faction may be  offered  some suitable  coveted  positions  including  high sounding positions  in private
  • At the end of the day, the  bottom line  is to seal and secure lasting peace.
  • It may be recalled that the militant  bishops from Jacobite are  planning to  set  up worship sheds or new  buildings  to  perpetuate their  regime  with far reaching consequences.
  • Better make use of Cardinal Clemis to help the situation unofficially, without being eaten by him or Rome.
  • Make use of all forums including WCC to expose the Jacobite or to make   them  to come around.

Dr KM George,

Uzhavoor,20th  July

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