Voice of God through HH Patriarch

Listen to the Voice of the Lord–about peace & unity in Church:
Voice of the Lord about Peace and Unity in the Malankara Church in India:
1) We do recognise the voices of those who are dear to us and those with whom we commune.
2) If we are communicating with the Lord through prayers and meditating on His word, our spirits will identify with His voice.
3) Jesus said, “ My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow Me” ( John 10:27).The Lord would not expect us to hear His voice, if He did not make it possible. He sends out His mighty voice (Psalm 68:33) and says we can hear it (Ps 95:7).” I will give them hearts that recognise me as the Lord” ( Jer 7:23) and obey My voice and I will be your God ( Jer 7:23).
4) The e voice o f the Lord comes in various ways. A voice in the midst of the fire ( Deu 5: 24); a voice up on the waters( Ps 29: 3)’ a voice from Heaven(Mat 3:17); a voice out of the cloud( Mat 17:5); the voice of His mouth( Acts 22: 14); the voice from the excellent glory( 2 Peter 1;17) and the voice out of the throne( Rev 19:5).
Do we listen?
He speaks out but we do not hear. God speaks to the human hearts. His voice at times is a “ still small voice( 1 Kings 19: 12); and a glorious voice( Isa 30:30).His voice is the voice of the living God ( Deu 5;26); the voice of the bridegroom (Jer 7:34); and the voice of the Almighty( Eze 1:24).
His is a powerful voice ( Ps 29; 4).It shakes the wilderness ( Ps 29:8); divides the flames of fire ( Ps 29;7); thunderous ( Job 37: 5) and rushes like many waters ( Rev 1;15).
We are to obey His voice ( Deu 13:4) and hearken to the voice of His word( Ps 103: 20). The first question God asked man is,: where are you”.?
Bible is full of accounts of men and women hearing the voice of God but not recognising it at first. Samuel was the classic example. But the Lord persisted until Samuel recognised His voice( 1 Samuel 3: 11).
God expects a response. Isaiah heard the voice of the Lord saying,: whom shall I send”?.Isaiah responded,” Here am I. Send me.”.
Dear Holy Father,
I am sure that like our forefathers and all other heroes of faith, you are called up on to respond to the voice of the Lord, : “ here am I. Send me” to bring about lasting peace and unity in the Malankara Church. The Lord persists as He did with Samuel. Please do “Lift up your voice with strength ( Isa 40: 9).Please know that you are the promise of peace and prince of peace-Amen.
With prayers and greetings,
Your spiritual son in Christ Jesus,
Dr K M George,30th July 2014.
Your recent letter/Bull to HB Thomas 1st was with force and substance that made him rebellious not to yield yet . In fact the very hurried visit of HG Joseph Gregorios immediately after his return from UK was mostly due to his persuasion and compulsions.
Unless you are forceful like Isaiah to begin with, you will squander many an opportunity and own authority please. Recall the old adage, “strike the iron when it is hot”.
You may wish to consider setting up a contact group with the Kottayam group consisting only those bishops who enjoy your confidence and pleasure as well as peace driven.
While accepting the 1934 constitution and the Supreme court verdict in the Church case, I feel to have only one Patriarch, one Catholicose and different regional mapriyanos for the Orthodox Church as a whole.
Holy Father I still urge and appeal that you may write a letter to the Catholicose extending an olive branch immediately as a statesman ( if you need I am only happy to bring along with me or send a draft copy of the letter for your consideration as I know the pulse of both the clergy and laity in both factions).