Winning Strategy for Church Unity

  • The approach of militancy and arrogance to be shed by one and all.
  • A tone of reconciliation as being practised by the head of the Orthodox Church must be followed by one and all.
  • Instigating the poor gullible believers to revolt must be stopped by the bishops of the erstwhile Jacobite faction.
  • Belligerent attitude if  followed by  some  of the  bishops   of the Jacobite   faction must be  nipped in the bud itself.
  • We need a matured, Christian witness based approach of love and concern as if we are responding to the question fairly and squarely, “Am I my brother’s Keeper”.  Yes   you are!
  • This is the right  time for  divine  intervention in the form  of  praying  and upholding  each other including   bold initiatives by HH Patriarch and  HH 
  • Bury the hatchet of  rivalry and  hatred and  promote  deliberately peace — long lasting peace  for the sake  of future  generations as  we  are here only  for a while to leave  our legacy  of good  Christian witness.

Let us discern that it is  the   opportune  time. God works on  Opportune time. But, some people may lose it. Satan may look for this opportunity or another. However, people of God should, “return to Galilee in the power of the Spirit” to proclaim the good news that we are children of God and we are still Christians.



DR KM George,

CEO-President of Sustainable Dev Forum,

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9th July, 2017.

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